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The First Hostile Creature (v1.3.1)


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Hunted Vintarians
Version 1.3.1 is now available for download in the account manager.

After a long and ardous journey through the depths of the engine a working creature system has come alive. Please note that this is just the very beginning of the creature/combat system that we actually have in mind. There was just so many new components and refactors required that I wanted to have them done first before I go ahead with a "version 0.0.2" of these components. The next step is probably to add support for models and animation made from the VS Model Creator. Nonetheless I hope that it will spice up your survival experience!


  • Feature: First hostile creature: Drifter. Includes:
    • Basic but modular AI System: Wandering around, seeking players, attacking the nearest player
    • Basic path traversing: Walk from point a to point b in a direct line. Ability to step on 1 high blocks.
    • Powerful creature configuration: A creature is merely a json file. Creatures and can added, removed or modified by touching only those files (custom models not implemented just yet).
    • Basic movement interpolation on the client. Creatures and other Players now should move smoothly
    • New server command: /entity [spawn|count|removeall] [entityname]
    • Custom texture as well as idle, hurt and death sounds
    • 0.5 second red tinting when being attacked. Spawn particles on death.
    • Basic spawning and despawning mechanic. Drifters (for) now spawn in dark areas where the light level is below 8. 
  • Feature: Very Basic combat system
    • Ability to punch other players and creatures. 
    • Added attack power property to items. Swords, Knifes and Axes now have extra attack power (visible in the items tooltip)
    • Durability reduction on items with durability when attacking
  • Feature: Engine/Mod API Updates
    • Able to register entities, ai tasks, entity renderers and particle property providers
    • Able to spawn particles server side (=> broadcasted to clients)
  • Tweak: In multiplayer a joining player is now regarded as spectator until the client sends a ready signal. This should prevent getting killed while still joining.
  • Fixed: Item texture overlays property not working
  • Fixed: Crash when trying to craft something
  • Fixed: Not able to start a singleplayer world if in serverconfig.json whitelisting is turned on
  • Fixed: A client crashing in a certain situations when joining a multiplayer world

Demonstration Video
(Something seems to have gone awry with the encoding. I'll upload a better quality clip tomorrow)



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