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Bauxite Bonanza (v1.12.6-rc.1)


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Dear Players,
v1.12.6-rc.1, an unstable release, can now be downloaded through the account manager

If everything goes well, then v1.12.6 will be the last stable release before I start working on the next major update. This is mostly a bugfix release with a few small features sprinkled on top ๐Ÿ˜„


Bauxite can now be turned into cobble stone, polished rock and stone bricks0-bauxite.thumb.png.b17075ee76a50cb250f868681ac080de.png

Updated 3D Model for the Toolrack

"Add to Favorites" for the public server list entries

Game updates

  • Feature: Public server list tweaks
    • Added "Add to favorites" feature to the public servers list
    • Empty public servers that are using the default server name are now listed at the bottom, or in other words you get a visibility boost by naming your server
  • Feature: Bauxite is now a fully qualified rock type. This means you can create cobble stone, polished stone and bricks from bauxite. Aira will be happy ๐Ÿ˜„
  • Tweak: Windmills with 2 or more sails now ignore the outermost corner block when testing for breakage or sail addition validity
  • Tweak: Wolves, Boars and Chicken got a flee and chase speed boost
  • Tweak: Updated trader caravans, which now utilize some of the new blocks
  • Tweak: Game Server Performance optimizations (Locust nests no longer spawn locusts and item physics no longer tick when players are far away, fixed lingering firepits)
  • Tweak: Reverted deposit scaling by world height, because not balanced
  • Tweak: Increased amount of zinc deposits by 25%
  • Tweak: Added ability to set world size to 2x2mil and 4x4 mil
  • Tweak: Tool rack tweaks the lower rack is now extended to avoid overlap. Also has a new texture now
  • Tweak: A bunch of other minor tweaks. Added more debug logging and another netbenchmarking stat
  • Tweak: Music played by the echo chamber is now classified as Ambient sound and affected by the ambient sound slider
  • Tweak: Added debug logging to find the invisible bread crafting bug
  • Fixed: Partially worked iron blooms are now titled as such to avoid confusion
  • Fixed: Branch textures inside the brancy leaves being very low resolution
  • Fixed: Drifters and Traders on ladders rotated in a derpy way
  • Fixed: Bows on toolrack wrongly attached
  • Fixed: Texts cut-off in the trader window when using german translations
  • Fixed: Able to place client-side only firepits inside claimed areas
  • Fixed: Able to create invalid waypoints that crash the game. Fixed game crashing when trying to load invalid waypoints
  • Fixed: Trader run animation speed too high. Missing run animation for the balanced personality trader.
  • Fixed: Issues with recently removed firepits replacing blocks
  • Fixed: The armor attribute "Ranged Weapon Charge Time" penalty was denoted with a "-" giving it the impression it actually reduced the charge time
  • Fixed: Main menu performance optimization (30% GPU usage => 10% GPU usage. Technical info: No longer run postprocessing shader effects while in the main menu)
  • Fixed: Windmill sails rendered too dark
  • Fixed: Mitigate a client crash caused by the weather system
  • Fixed: Text overlapping issues on the multiplayer screen when using german translations
  • Fixed: Some cases of firepit cooking text not updating for other players
  • Fixed: Sign post GUI not ungrabbing mouse
  • Fixed: Clouds again not sunset colored?!
  • Fixed: Might fix the game crashing on linux when using Mono 6
  • Fixed: Mitigate crash issues when a joystick is connected to a windows machine that has more than 64 buttons. The game will now ignore those.
  • Fixed: Issues where there was rain but not rain sounds
  • Fixed: Placing sign posts in invalid positions consumed the sign post and did not place a block
  • Fixed: Various missing translation entries
  • Fixed: Firepit was not properly unloaded, causing it to overwrite existing blocks and other oddities
  • Fixed: White text on signs, labels and signposts way to dark and hard to read
  • Fixed: Text cut off in the trader dialog when using german translations
  • Fixed: Able to chisel blocks in claimed areas
  • Fixed: Memory leak related to disabled buttons
  • Fixed: Minor fixes. Mitigate z-fighting issue with firepits. Fixed placing raccoon pup crashing the game. Added handbook info text for the crock. Added some missing translatables.
  • API Feature: Can now easily add text sections to the handbook by just adding info the the lang/en.json in this format:
    • "block-handbooktitle-crock-burned-*": "Used for",
    • "block-handbooktext-crock-burned-*": "Long term storage of cooked meals and pickled vegetables. Seal with fat or wax to make food last even longer.",
  • API Fixed: Chiseled blocks exported by .gencraftjson would crash when used as a recipe ingredient



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