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Silent Vintarians

Nobody likes delays. A series of inconveniences and other responsibilities prevented me from doing much programming on the game. And then, last week, my family including me caught quite a cold, sigh. Due to this there's no new release as of right now.

We were not inactive however:

  • CreativeMD continously adds new articles to our mod documentation and took a first dive in the engine code.
  • Luke has been writing several pages on the game story
  • Hayden made several great cave sounds as well as a new track that will be in the next release
  • Josh joined the team as game programmer 
  • Ivan continued his work on building dungeon sections 
  • And I, Tyron,
    • wrote a new About us page that replaces the previous Team and Vision pages
    • implemented the basics for animations in the game engine
    • added a few features related to animations to our model creator tool
    • been on the lookout for an Animator to make us animations. Contact me if you are interested!

For the coming 10 days I should have more time to work on the game, interupted by a 2 week period of low activity, beyond which my availability should be back to normal again.

Overally my lifes situation has not changed greatly and we still have the same dedication to push the game forward as always, so hopefully in the comming week we'll have something nice to release again!

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