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Hey fellow Vintarians!

So after the last couple days i kinda noticed that a lot of suggestions have either allready been made, are allready on the roadmap, or in the case of a few, are even allready in the game.

I think a System where you have the Roadmap on top and the made suggestions right below would give people an idea what kinda ideas allready exist. Maybe even an endorsement system to see how popular those ideas are? Another section with rejected ideas and the reason for said rejection (not popular with the community, not fitting into the setting or simply not possible to implement.) would also give people an overview of what will never be in the game, outside of mods that is. (and might motivate some of 'em to make said mod)

Another thing that might not be necessary but quite nice would be a credit section where all modders are listed that made a mod that got completely or at least partially integrated into the main game.

To be fair, I only bought the game recently and  as such I've only been on this forum for a relativly short amount of time, so maybe all of this is not necessary and after some time people get an fast idea of all that stuff. Then again i do think that most good ideas come from 2 groups of people, the ones who allready play this game for a long time and have a sudden burst of inspiration, and the ones who just started and can provide a fresh view on things that has become routine for the veterans among us. I think this would encourage the second group to make an suggestion (as in "Hey! nobody had that idea yet?")

While I included a poll here, it's more of an overview on what people think about this suggestion and not some kinda vote. The last thing I want is to add work for the Moderators and Admins. I just want them to know if people would want it if they themselves think that it is a good idea.

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