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Add waypoints while game is paused


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I was considering something like this also.  Perhaps when M is used for the full map, there could be a setting to have the game paused.  And from there you could edit your waypoints.  In addition to that a few other things, of course;

First a windowed list of your waypoints or a waypoint manager would go a long way.  I find myself going back and forth between my waypoints quite a bit since there are stages of tech/resource uses.

Second could we have both a field for Name and Description for waypoints.  And the ability to refer to our waypoints by name and id number while using commands.  Along these same lines another field for grouping certain waypoints together, ie mining, ruins, etc.  And of course tied in with the next.

Third would be icon size for maps being adjustable or hidden all together.  This perhaps would be more of a map legend thing, but still applicable.  Also when mousing over and interacting with a waypoint icon on the map it could take you to your waypoint manager window for easy editing.  Or even a mouseover popup option for quick use such as removing the waypoint.

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