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Mead making and cups


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Suggestion that you can make mead and a way to drink it. Squeeze honey into a barrel of water and add berries for different resulting mead variants (after fermentation). To drink it, one could use a bowl for one serving or use the clay crafting mechanic to instead carve a cup from a log/firewood that is shift+placed on the ground (you could also make wooden plates/bowls) and carved with a knife in hand instead of a knapping tool. The results of the mead could be a small saturation boost and fruit nutrition gain but it would perhaps have secondary effects on a player (too much might have an increasing drunken effect whereas a bit here and there could temporarily delay/reduce hunger effects (especially if drank with a meal), give a boost to movement speed, reduce fall damage, etc. for the different berry effects. I'm an apiarist and mead maker IRL too. :3

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