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Drifters spawn and windmill 12.9


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On 3/22/2020 at 4:03 AM, Rejgnar said:

the sails (only one set attached to the rotor) of a windmill dont rotate, though the windspeed is like 80%?

So, if you have the windmill hooked up to a machine, this causes a load on the system which has to be met before the windmill will then move at all.  A quern is relatively easy to power I think, but a helve hammer needs quite  bit of wind, and I think you will need 20% power with full sails.  So I'm not sure that a windmill with just one set of sails would move a helve hammer at all.   However if you don't have a machine attached then ya, they should move, unless you have an incredibly long series of axles and such attached - each axle and gear adds a slight amount of load as well.

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