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  1. The general methodology of smithing will remain the same. There has been discussion of fine-tuning items such as the mode switching. Something that is perhaps not well documented is that when you have your hammer selected in your hotbar, you can right click on the anvil to rotate the work piece 90 degrees. This can greatly reduce or even eliminate, the amount of switching between the directional modes.
  2. Actually I'll bet you can fix the translocator. It's just a right click interaction, which is the same as containers, and you can use containers in a trader's claim. However, it appears you won't be able to actually stand on the pad, due to that cobble block. But, as Junawood mentions, you can just switch to creative mode, clean things up a bit.
  3. Actually hosting the servers for people to use.
  4. fyi, they won't die of hunger or anything. The females need food to breed, and during winter males and females can become lean (yield less meat) if not fed well. But They won't die.
  5. Bismuth does not spawn shallow enough to create surface nuggets, fyi. So you'll need to search deeper, probably in caves, unless you are good with the propick. It only spawns in igneous and metamorphic stones, not sedimentary. As Streetwind mentioned, you can check the handbook to find out the exact stones.
  6. You need an "echo chamber" to play the discs. They simply play music. Echo chambers can be found in a very rare ruin, or also bought from I think the luxury trader, sometimes.
  7. Many of those things are planned for future implementation. The big hurdle is moving crop maturity from 'every few days' to a more realistic time scale on the order of months. That'll change gameplay a lot, and there need to be systems in place to support that playstyle.
  8. All sizes of hides produce the same leather - just more or less pieces. You could roll with leather armor as your standard armor. That might keep it used up, depending on how much combat you get into. I do think there is a trader or two that might buy it sometimes. But probably not a reliable outlet.
  9. I'm not aware of any plans to address wolf stuff soon. I'm not even 100% sure that's how their spawning works (coding isn't my department), but it's the impression I've gotten from a couple past incidents similar to yours. It's one reason I usually base in open plains, since wolves are unlikely to spawn in plains. Trying to base in non-wolf territory is the best way to avoid it really.
  10. iirc wolves have specific spawn points. And so if you accidentally build a base on their spawn point, you'll have a rough time. Drifters spawn anywhere based on light and surface though.
  11. You can enable the second propick mode in an existing world. The wiki has a list of server commands for a variety of configs, to apply after the world is made. The command you want specifically is /worldConfig propickNodeSearchRadius [0-12]. Anything above 0 will enable it. The number is the radius in which the propick will detect actually-existing ore. I believe somewhere in the 6-8 range is the most common choice. Some folks say that if the radius is too large, it makes it hard to zero in because you can detect separate deposits, and end up getting jerked around between them. Ther
  12. Just as an fyi, armor is extremely unfinished right now. It was rather quickly put in as the same time as the tiered drifters, because *something* was needed to protect against them. Crafting of armor will changed entirely, eventually, at all levels. But it'll be a ton of work to code and make assets for - probably just about an update all it's own. So until the time is deemed right for that, we'll just be sort of stuck where we are. And one more fyi, copper and bronze tiers were intentionally designed to be sub-optimal, especially for upper tier armors. And *especially* copper, as the
  13. Yes, this is a planned eventual feature.
  14. Yes, "get a feel for what the community wants" is quite a bit different from "take directions from the community". Which is why those polls are sprinkled with "none of this is guaranteed".
  15. In fact, it's a bit much for some members of the dev team. And so detailed butchering will likely not ever be in vanilla. Meaning it'd be good mod territory, not likely to ever be superseded by vanilla mechanics.
  16. We do have seasons. Probably just didn't get it taken off the roadmap. Though it could also refer to moving crop growth times to a year-long scale, which is also planned. Rather than having them mature every few days.
  17. Ya, it'll all make it in eventually. We only have 2 programmers though, so eventually can be a rather long time. So we like to get a feel for what the community wants.
  18. In the game configs when you're making a world, there are options for mob aggressiveness. I believe there's one option that makes drifters non-aggressive. You can also change most of these settings after starting the world. See this page of the wiki. Specifically in this case, you're looking for /worldconfig creatureHostility [aggressive|passive|off]
  19. Most likely, the character sheet data is in Celcius. 28 degree C, for instance, is 82 degress F.
  20. Yes, it's already planned to make it so can only wear one backpack. You'll still have 4 slots, the other 3 will support various other containers, some specialized (like the current mining bag), some not. There will be some re-shuffling of capacity when this happens, to account for no longer being able to wear 4 backpacks at once.
  21. Halite is difficult to find. You won't usually find it just running around, or glancing down caves. You'll need to use the propick, and then do some cave searching in a high chance area. Limestone (and chalk) only occur in the top (sedimentary) layers, so is they are easier to find running around, or looking down caves. It helps to be aware that there can be multiple sedimentary layers at once, and so even if the top sedimentary layer is not limestone, there could be limestone underneath. Also, basalt can be above *any* rock type (it represents a geologically recent eruption of lava).
  22. redram


    As Junawood said, if you find surface bits, that means there's a deposit in the stone beneath. If you don't have a tier 3 tool, you can also use ore blasting bombs - they require sulfur, saltpeter, and charcoal, and one recipe gets your like 8 or 10 bombs iirc.
  23. This is already planned. You will have a chance to get a 'bonus nugget' when processing ore this way. If there is a desire to have different grades of a given material, you'll simply have to run it through multiple times to get the finer grade.
  24. I believe they still prevent spawning during non-temporal-storm times. So they're good for keeping drifters out of your cellar most of the time, I think.
  25. The flower and hive detection range of skeps is fairly short - only around 7 blocks or so I believe. So the odds of you randomly placing a skep within range of a hive that you somehow did not hear is extremely low, I'd say.
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