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Polish translations (v1.12.14)


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Dear community
v1.12.14, a stable release, can now be downloaded through the account manager

Our community member Acheron72P and several others were hard at work translating the game into Polish. While not yet complete, it already boasts a wholesome 60%! Thank you for your contributions!

This release also fixes a heavy game freeze issue when exchanging bag slots often. And a bunch of other things.

Screenshot and Build by Voxay

Game updates

  • Tweak: Updated language files. Added polish translations, which are 60% complete \o/
  • Tweak: Added a link to an easy-to-read guide on how to host a game server on the multiplayer page
  • Tweak: Made soil less resistant against ore bombs
  • Tweak: Fiddled with the saving code. Maaaybe makes it a bit more robust against corruption from OS/Hardware crashes
  • Tweak: Added ".cam gui off" to prevent the cinematic camera from enabling or disabling the gui overlays
  • Tweak: Added debug logging to find issues where bombs don't ignite and bloomeriess don't stay lit (needs entity debug mode enabled on the server)
  • Fixed: Exception thrown by the json patcher if the asset category was mistyped
  • Fixed: Charcoal pits not syncing up to other players correctly
  • Fixed: Firepit green arrow progression indicator not scaling correctly with different gui scales
  • Fixed: Server was not properly optimizing ram usage (did not properly in-memory compress inactive chunks)
  • Fixed: Eventual freeze of death when continuously placing and removing backpacks, as well as a black flicker when doing so
  • Fixed: Should fix an issue where placing a block/item just in range on the client, but out of range on the server causing a desync issue where the block does not exist server side and the inventory item is not given back client side
  • Fixed: Wrong hover text for the Language setting info
  • Fixed: Should fix harvested creature drops not properly synced up to all players

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