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Weapon Rework

Omega Haxors

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[Import from Discord]
Weapon Types:
Knife - Very fast swing speed but next to no range. Low DPS
Spear - Long range but slow wind-up and low DPS
Blades - Moderate range, moderate attack delay and balanced DPS
Club/Mauls - Low range and very high wind-up but high damage per hit
Staff - Not for magic, silly. For blocking attacks and providing denial. Defensive weapon shoves enemies back
(Note: I don't know why the formatting is like this, and I don't know how to remove it)
Stats as follows:
Wind up - How long the weapon takes between clicking and hitting
Delay on hit - How long it takes to recover after a hit
Delay on miss- How much of a penalty you take for missing
Damage per Hit - How much you'll deal in a single blow
Damage per Second - Self-explanatory
Passive Effect - Holding the weapon gives you a benefit/downside
Effect on Swing - What happens when you swing the weapon
Effect on Hit - If the weapon applies an affliction upon hitting, often affecting the enemy
Effect on Miss - Effects that apply when you miss, often affecting you
Effort Cost - How much swinging the weapon exhausts you
Alternate Action - What happens when you right click (exclusive to certain weapons)
Example - Flail:
Wind up, 0.1 second
Delay on Hit: none
Delay on Miss: 2 seconds
Damage per hit: 3
Damage per Second: 30
Effect on Miss: 30% chance to take self damage
Effort Cost: Average
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