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The Road to the Smithing System (1.3.5)


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Almost Smithing Vintarians
Version 1.3.5 is now available for download in the account manager

Despite our efforts, the smithing system has not just yet emerged from the complex networks of game mechanics needed to make it work. We made a few major advancements though

  • There's now a Forge which lets you reheat metals and work items.
    • Shift + right click with coal or lignite to refill fuel
    • Right click with a torch to ignite
    • Shift + right click with ingots or plates to place for heating
  • The current work item can now be picked up, reheated and placed back on the anvil using right mouse click and shift+right mouse click
  • Working an item on the anvil with the hammer is now mapped to the left mouse button instead of the right one. Any item now may override the left mouse button default behavior.
  • Added some fancy particle effects when working a hot piece of metal
  • I've started implementing smithing recipes and a (currently useless) dialog for selecting the desired smithing recipe.
  • Hot blocks/items now also glow in the gui, in the players hands or when dropped on the ground

I'll also make a tutorial video once the smithing system is complete.


  • Feature: New Block: Forge. Can be used to heat ingots and plates to working temperature for (incomplete) smithing on the anvil. Requires coal as fuel and a torch for igniting the coal.
  • Feature: Added blocks basalt and obisidian. Added new behavior where mixing lava and water creates these 2 blocks.
  • Feature: Added ability to change any client configuration at runtime through the command .clientconfig
  • Feature: Variable Sampling Pixel Rate. Enables two things:
    • 0.5x Sampling rate: 50% performance gain at the cost of reduced graphics quality for ultra low end hardware. Set via 
      • .clientconfig set ssaa 0.5
    • 2-4x Sampling rate: Very laggy but allows making massive screenshots (e.g. 7680x4320 pixels). Set via
      • .clientconfig set ssaa 2
      • .clientconfig set scaleScreenshot 0
  • Feature: "Rock Quarrying" Mining all the blocks around a Rock block will now drop the rock itself.
  • Feature: Reworked world generation component responsible for spawning patches of plants/blocks/stuff. The world generator should now spawn many plants/flowers/crops more commonly again. Also patches of blocks now also spawn more likely together with forests, shrubs or other patches.
  • Feature: Performance Improvements
    • Improved speed of Terrain Collision detection by 15%: Gives a nice FPS boost when 300+ Entities are loaded
    • Improved chunk tesselation speed by 4%: Makes chunks load a bit faster
  • Feature: New API Method
    • IBlockAccessor.GetBlocks() - retrieve blocks from within an area. Runs faster than when calling .GetBlock() many times
    • OnBeginAttack/OnAttacking/etc.: A collectible may now also override the block breaking action via left mouse click. 
  • Tweak: Hitting Enter in the Chat Window now unfocuses it immediately. Previously you had to hit enter twice which was unintuitive. 
  • Tweak: The Sky is now less white in creative mode by setting the correct sea level. 
  • Tweak: Hitting the F1/F2 keys in creative mode now decreases/increase the speed by 1 instead of setting it to a fixed value of 1 or 5. Holding the Ctrl-Key changes the speed in steps of 0.1
  • Tweak: Players now start with 8 bread until there is enough survival content that prevents starving
  • Tweak: Added Luma render pass. Improves anti-aliasing quality done by FXAA
  • Fixed: Badly randomized topsoil grass transitions
  • Fixed: Gold and Silver ore not smeltable
  • Fixed: Gold and Silver ore deposits now spawning anywhere. Now spawn as subdeposits in quartz
  • Fixed: Right Ingot on a double mold block not retrievable with right click
  • Fixed: Crash when calling /bir remap
  • Fixed: Bloom shader effect affected by blocklight/sunlight
  • Fixed: Metalplate missing blockside shading
  • Fixed: Coopers Reed in water having only 1 visible diagonal side. Now renders as a full cross again.
  • Fixed: Either Water flowing too slow or lava flowing too fast
  • Fixed: Some behavior and graphical glitches with water/lava


Forge block and hot ingot on an anvil
2017-04-26_08-33-27.thumb.jpg.89ba6b231bb24f6db9f0c4022e732803.jpg 2017-05-06_22-16-25.thumb.jpg.6870df7329330e25d0f732ab467725a2.jpg

More richly decorated worlds due to improved block patch generator
2017-05-01_21-54-16.thumb.jpg.1860d5524e792da6257393ecf10a7378.jpg 2017-05-01_21-41-14.thumb.jpg.e75d5b4d0b1280ef386a9bc36844572a.jpg  2017-05-01_21-45-00.thumb.jpg.75b1ffbea1b49ae1c07418aaf2a55f4c.jpg


Fixed badly randomized grass tinting


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