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Proficiency System Design Doc

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Level 0: You have never interacted with this skill at all. You won't be any better than a newer player. (0x)
Level 50: You have interacted with the skill an average amount. You'll feel a slight increase over newer players. (1.1x)
Level 100: You have mastered the skill. You have noticeable buffs to the skill which will impress new players. (1.5x)
Level 200: Grandmaster. Max level. Astonishing buffs to the skill will blow away newer players. (3x)

*Mobility Skill*
Athletics - Increased move speed on the ground
Swimming - Increased water movement speed
Climbing - Increased ladder climbing speed

*Close Quarters Skill*
Strength - Hit harder with melee weapons
Constitution - Regenerate health more quickly
Defence - Your armor is more effective

*Ranged Skill*
Archery - More accuracy when using the bow
Throwing - More accuracy when yeeting pebbles
Chucking - More accuracy when yeeting spears

*Crafting Skill*
Smithing - Faster hammer swings
Knapping - Allows you to knap more quickly
Pottery - Allows you to make clay faster

*Mining Skill*
Stonecutting - Stones clear faster and have more yield
Oreharvesting - Ores clear faster and have more yield
Excavation - You can shovel out blocks more quickly

*Tactics Skill*
Prospecting - Chance to skip a prospecting step
Scouting - Know your enemy's weakness and health
Fashioning - More efficient crafting recipes

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