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Smithing Chickens (v1.3.6)


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Smithy Vintarians
Version 1.3.6 is now available for download in the account manager.

After a long break I've completed the 1.3.6 release. As always I want to be transparent about what I've been up to. Already last year my wife and I picked up a new hobby - Gardening. I have to admit, few things are as rewarding as seeing your own food grow. That however also means that the month of may is usually the busiest time of the year where we do a lot of seeding, planting, watering and overally tending to our crops. By now we grow a wide variety of vegetables, berries and herbs with our constantly expanding area of self built raised garden beds. 

Anyhow, the bulk of planting is now done and I will be able to slowly resume work on Vintage Story again. 

For starters, here's to videos of the 2 most significant new features: Smithing and Chickens



Change Log

  • Feature: The first basic implementation of the Smithing System is now complete. See above video. 
  • Feature: Added ruins to world generation
  • Feature: Added first friendly creature: Chickens
    • Includes 3 types: Roosters, Hens and Chicks each with up to 8 different textures
    • Basic behaviors such as pecking the ground and staying in a group
    • Hens will spawn chicks if a rooster is nearby, up to a group size of 20 chickens
    • Killed roosters and hens will drop meat that can be cooked and eaten
  • Feature: New Model for the drifter with very buggy animations :D  (will fix for next release)
  • Feature: Vignette Effect (darkened screen edges) that flashes red when getting damaged
  • Feature: Performance optimization - loading chunks and saving the game now noticably faster at the cost of 10% increased RAM usage
  • Feature: New music track "Nostalgic"
  • API Features:
    • Added entity debug mode. Displays arbitrary information above entities. To enable:
      .clientconfig set showentitydebuginfo 1
      /entity debug 1
    • Added ability to create and add entities during worldgen
  • Tweak: Some weird experimentation with clouds. Please send me some feedback if they look better or worse now
  • Tweak: Sound attenuation is now linear - fixes drifters hearable from very far away
  • Tweak: VintageStory client and server exe files are now also digitally signed which may help with them getting detected as false positives by AntiVirus software
  • Tweak: Improved tool tip texts in the graphics settings
  • Tweak: Fences can no longer be jumped over
  • Fixed: Entities that are underwater became invisible when the player looks at them while above water
  • Fixed: Trying to change keymapps in the settings caused the list to scroll up 
  • Fixed: Server Exception when players typed '{' or '}'
  • Fixed: Rare bug where the player suddenly could no longer control his own character
  • Fixed: Recording with Fraps very laggy
  • Fixed: Items disappearing when inventory is full in survival
  • Fixed: Changing controls no longer causes the controls list to jump up

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