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Savegame issue: Can't sleep because of "time paradoxon"

Jannes Wegner

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Hey vintage story team,
I have a problem with my character's fatigue. The reason is a time travel on command.
In short: I sleep in the future and travel to the past. Now I'm never tired enough to sleep.

My guess: my value for fatigue is very negative. At one point in the program code, a minimum is determined from fatigue and the length of the day. Fatigue would always be the lowest here.

Maybe a solution: delete or reset the character instance of the savegame. - without erasing the world, ofcourse 😉

Thanks team

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I have the same problem. Tried using the /time set command to get to dawn, accidentally went time travelling. Can no longer sleep; always "I'm not tired enough to sleep."

I tried deleting .\Playerdata\playerdata.json, but it did nothing.

Can this be fixed?


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