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Archery (v1.3.9)


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Skilful Vintarians
Version 1.3.9 is now available for download in the account manager.

After playing a whole bunch of Mount&Blade I went ahead and build an archery system inspired by that, a skill tree is still lacking though. Beyond that I spent some extra focus on stability, so this build contains a lot of bug fixes. Under the hood this update also contains 2 larger updates that are not quite finished yet, but I will look forward to deliver them to you in a complete form in one of the following releases. Until then, I hope you can enjoy the new archery system and freshly added gold/silver tools!


Game Updates

  • Feature: Archery
    • The Bow is now fully usable when supplied with arrows
    • Intricate aiming system, Mount&Blade Style
    • Can now smith metal arrow heads on the anvil
    • Chickens now drop plentiful feathers
    • Can now craft bows from sticks and twine as well as arrows from flints or metal arrow heads, sticks and feathers. Metal arrow heads do extra damage compared to their flint counterparts.
  • Feature: Added New tool + Recipe: Saw 
    • The planks, planks stairs and slabs now require the saw
  • Feature: Added Gold/Silver variants of all tools + recipe
  • Feature: Added 5 day grace timer before monsters spawn in a new world.
  • Feature: Added Haydens new/updated tracks 2x Heartbeat and 2x Sunny Village (each with a survival and creative variant)
  • Feature: Added hp/food current and max values to the hotbar hud
  • Feature: Added /giveblock and /giveitem commands to get items without using creative inventory (with macro => awesomeness).
  • Tweak: Copper deposits now larger and more common, gold and silver deposits now half as common
  • Tweak: Simplified ore names, the previous ones are still 
  • Tweak: Crafting planks, plankslabs and plankstairs now requires the saw
  • Tweak: Increased mining speed for bronze picks
  • Tweak: Damage vignette strength now based on the amount of damage received
  • Tweak: Wolf will no longer damage player if he managed to get out of range during the attack
  • Tweak: Crop block now shows the nutrient levels of below farmland
  • Tweak: Wolf attack process + animation now faster
  • Tweak: Improved multi-line text editing. Home and End key now jump to start/end of line and Ctrl+Home/End to start/end of text. Textareas can now ensure that multi-line text is visible when adding new lines or moving the cursor, applied to the macro editor.
  • Tweak: Firewood burns longer
  • Tweak: Fancy reappearance of held items when using them and look up
  • Tweak: Disabled Server AntiAbuse Mode, since it's incomplete and buggy
  • Fixed: Server should no longer prevent admins to interact with out of range blocks
  • Fixed: Third person camera clipping into the terrain
  • Fixed: Creative inventory general tab not showing all blocks/items in certain situations. 
  • Fixed: Using pickaxe on ores not improving mining speed
  • Fixed: Several inconsistencies when pouring metal, should now be exact and not loose or duplicate units of molten metal.
  • Fixed: Wolf attacking creative mode players when close by
  • Fixed: Ingots pickable from molds at high temperatures, now reduced to 20% of its melting point
  • Fixed: Wolf not seeking survival players if a creative player is nearby
  • Fixed: Healing not possible in creative mode
  • Fixed: Game crashing when trying to place a non-ingot item on a forge
  • Fixed: Breaking anvil not dropping its contents
  • Fixed: Game crashing on corrupt savegames
  • Fixed: Entity duplication bug that causing errors to be displayed when starting the server and probably some other issues
  • Fixed: Placing ingots on the ground replacing some blocks that it shouldn't (like anvils)
  • Fixed: Stop eating food early still consumed the item
  • Fixed: Frosted grass causing underlying block to be transparent
  • Fixed: Ingot Molds, Forges, Anvils and Tool Racks not synchronizing correctly in multiplayer
  • Fixed: Mouse cursor not visible after getting disconnected from a server (this time i found the cause!)
  • Fixed: Player Name tags going all funky when the player is right behind you
  • Fixed: Players getting disconnected from a server in certain cases
  • Fixed: Chickens not spawning correctly
  • Fixed: The chunk column the player spawns in sometimes didn't load
  • Fixed: F4 not hiding GUIs outside creative mode

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