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Shears, quartz glass and delayed lighting (v1.4.0)


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Pioneering Vintarians
Version 1.4.0 is now available for download in the account manager.


This release fixes a number of non-critical, yet annoying issues and should improve the survival experience with many multiplayer fixes, the addition of shears, quartz glass, 6 slot bags, connecting fences, placeable lilies and cattails as well as a significantly cheaper crafting recipe for bombs.

Particularly for UmbraCreations there is now also an ability in WorldEdit to remove the largest bottleneck when it comes to placing *many* blocks - lighting. By delaying the lighting calculations until all block operations are done one can remove many redundancies in the lighting process which should make it easier to work on very large builds.

Thanks to a valuable hint by CreativeMD I was also able to remove the frame stutter while the player is moving aound which appeared independently of the FPS Rate, it should now be super smooth as long as the FPS Rate is high enough \o/

Thanks to Skodone, we can also safely declare multiplayer as a tested and stable part of the game. 

The 2 larger features I've mentioned last time are not ready yet for release, but we have made some significant progress on them. We are also planning a large overhaul and extension of the first few hours of the survival experience, such as ditching the stone tools in their current form. It is something we always wanted, but implementing other game mechanics took precedence. Now, our schedule is slowly freeing up :-)

Game Updates

  • Feature: Added Shears
    • Crafted from any metal on the anvil
    • Very useful for removing tree leaves
  • Feature: Ability to delay block lighting during world edit, significantly speeds up operations where you have to draw or import a lot of blocks
    • When importing a lot of block or using a very large brush you can now disable lighting via /we relight 0 which completely disables all lighting calculations, you can then relight a marked area using /we mre, this may lag the server for several minutes but should otherwise complete much faster then when using traditional lighting. To recap:
      1. Disable lighting: /we relight 0
      2. Make large edit operations
      3. Mark the affected area (/we ms, /we me) 
      4. Relight the affected area: /we mre
  • backpack.png.e8a7955323a8c6a3ebe2b1ce1875d0ef.pngquartzglass.png.8c1cc0831d40eb172c4a6af9da8f1a83.pngFeature: 6 slot backpacks
    • Crafted from raw hides that drop from wolves
  • Feature: Quartz glass
    • Added clear quartz as uncommon drop when mining quartz
    • Added quartz glass and recipe to craft it from clearquartz
  • Feature: Clay ingot molds, loot vessels and planters now fall when the block below is removed
  • Feature: Can now place water lilies on water and harvested cat tail on the ground or in water
  • Feature: Fences now connect to solid walls and connect to free standing fence gates.
  • Tweak: Cattail and Grains now more nutritious
  • Tweak: Removed collision box from water lilies
  • Tweak: Vines do not drop if not directly broken
  • Tweak: Reduced color tinting effect of colored torches in broad daylight (because unrealistic)
  • Tweak: Ore blast bomb recipe now gives you 10 bombs instead of 1
  • Tweak: Entities will now get stuck if their collisionbox intersects with a block collisionbox. Might introduce new bugs, but should fix other players in multiplayer falling through blocks.
  • Fixed: No more stutter while moving around! You might have noticed that the game seems to slightly stutter while moving around, even when the game runs at a high fps rate, this long standing issue is now resolved \o/
  • Fixed: Block info names not displaying the correct name but internal block code
  • Fixed: Wolfes, Chickens and drifters no longer able to step single blocks
  • Fixed: Minor held item glitch (item moving up after attack + looking down)
  • Fixed: Upside down stairs making certain block sides transparent
  • Fixed: Able to add a raw mold to a baked one and vice versa
  • Fixed: Ingot mold fill level not showing
  • Fixed: Entities in water no longer swim above the water level
  • Fixed: Player name tags rendering in front while player is behind (again)
  • Fixed: Name tags rendering in front of gui dialogs
  • Fixed: Player able to right click non-bag items into the bag slots
  • Fixed: Multiplayer issues when 2 or more players smith on the same work item
  • Fixed: Breaking ingot piles dropping a pile block and spawning particles at the wrong position + wrong color
  • Fixed: Forge hitbox/selectionbox not tightly fitting the model
  • Fixed: Wrong texture for tinbronze shears
  • Fixed: Placing coal in forge not consuming the coal

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