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Romantic Midnight Hotfix (v1.4.1)


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Hey ho!, Have a hotfix release to remove one major visual annoyance in v1.4.0, where the block breaking overlay moves around with you. Also fixes some other stuff. Best of all you can now jump into opened crates and hang around in there with your significant other! :D
Version 1.4.1 is ready for download in the account manager.



  • Small Fun Feature: Can now hop inside or drop items into the opened create
  • Modding Feature: Blocktypes can now define multiple selection and collision boxes
  • Tweak: The players center point of item collection is now in the middle center and not bottom center. This means the player pick up items higher up, but no longer pick up items a block below him.
  • Fixed: Cow skull block missing shape when the game is run under linux
  • Fixed: Opened crate showing invisible block sides in certain cases
  • Fixed: Client command .reloadmodels not working
  • Fixed: Stutter on dropped items
  • Fixed: Block breaking overlay moving with the camera

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