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[Resolved] Handbook entry for molding

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Hey, fellow modders!

Another question: I'm trying to make a custom molding recipe. I've made a form (copy/tweaking the toolmold.json of course), a recipe of the "clayforming" type for the mold, and a resulting item of course. Well, all the processing chain is working flawlessly: I can use a clay on a ground to knap a mold form, burn it, and pour a liquid metal into it to get a result. But I can't see the last step of this process in a Handbook! If I'm pressing "H" hovering my final item, I can only see the item explanation without any directions of getting it. What should I do to make the handbook recognize my molding recipe?

UPD: Well, to fix this, you have to explicitly add "createdBy" (case-sensitive!) token in item json:

	attributes: {
		handbook: {
			createdBy: "metalmolding"


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