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  1. 0.8.9 changelog: - fixed Mailbox naming - fixed Mailbox shift-click
  2. Why are you messing with mod files? ;)) All you have to do is to run the game with mod once, go to ModConfig folder inside your VintagestoryData folder, find the desired config file, and edit it to your needs. Altering mod files is not recommended and even forbidden by license for some mods.
  3. That's good suggestion. I'll add it. Unfortunately, no... They are both still in a single render pass...
  4. @Tech_Rabbit@Hexedian Could you please try this version? If I'm right, that's the same crash that has happened with ZEEKea containers when someone plants birch saplings in pots (yeah, I know how that sounds :)) tradeomat_v1.14.0-1.5.6.zip
  5. Need more details: what items there were in the rug? Cannot reproduce yet 1.5.5: - Disallow hotkeys usage when hovering mouse over an item in tradeomats (thanks, @Hexedian)
  6. 0.8.8 changelog: - Added /listmailboxes command to view all mailboxes on a server (requires "readlists" privilege) - Changed default mailbox address generation - Added fail-check if mailbox address already exists (I just can't believe that nobody reported it! :)))
  7. Actually, you don’t have to “edit out” anything. You just have to disable unnecessary things in config file and distribute that config file to your players. This is true for all my mods.
  8. Aaahhh... That's what you mean. Yep, that's the possible case, and you've found the solution
  9. Thanks There's no such danger with Vintage Story. First of all - mod API is a pretty solid approach, which doesn't change that much over a time of version changing, so most mods either stays compatible after VS update, or requires just a bit of rewriting. Even if some particular mod will be abandoned, server admin can just delete it from the pack without hurting the world much.
  10. 0.8.7 changelog: - Expanded Branch Cutter usage. Now it is able to harvest glow worms, cacti, bamboo and fern trees. - Fixed crash when trying to interact with the Post Registry with empty hand.
  11. I don't see a proper way of doing it... But I like the idea. Maybe, I will come up to something. There's no way I could display tabs for the mods which aren't installed
  12. 0.4.8: - Added Ampel family with corresponding rare drop (and a usage for it https://content.invisioncic.com/r268468/emoticons/wink.png - Added Mob Pedestals for all vanilla "monsters" and all the Neighbours as well. Chance to get one is really tiny (1%).
  13. You can also try to start the new world just to check if the error is still there (it shouldn't).
  14. @Jesse Caron it seems like the mod has loaded only partially. Try to delete everything from cache directory, and make sure that only one version of mod exists in Mods.
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