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  1. Not exactly. It should take effort to build a system which is capable of doing (almost) free tool repairs automatically. And this system must be expensive enough to negate the "cheaty" part. That's why I told that THIS system won't be automatable. But I'll create a more complex one for this purpose.
  2. Thanks! ) No. At least not in this form. Automated repairing is kinda cheaty Yes! That is actually planned already.
  3. I got to stop doing things after midnight Now everything is in place, thanks for reporting!
  4. I’m afraid there’s not much I can do then... Even if I add a failcheck about animator crash, you won’t be able to use it as a grindstone... I’ve heard there is some weird bug, when collectable mappings on a server gets corrupted. This resulting in such behavior like yours. You can try to add some other mod which adds complex blocks (not just decorations), and see if everything will be fine. If not - I have a bad news for you
  5. I will add a check if the Animator is failing to initialize just in case. But the grindstone should not turn into leather block anyway... Can you check if its working in sigleplayer with your modpack?
  6. 0.8.2-B changelog: Give your instruments a breath of a new life. Use Grindstone Assembly with a Grindstone to spin the handle and sharpen your old tools to repair it.
  7. 1.4.9-B: - Fixed crash in multiplayer when trying to purchase something from Trade'o'mats type 1 and 2. - Fixed stacks merging in existing slots.
  8. 1.4.8-B: - Fixed prices display on various GUI scale (thanks for the report, @Karielle Laganière) - Fixed crash when trying to pick up Tradeomat with installed CarryCapacity (thanks for the report, @Aliysium) - Fixed shift-click behavior
  9. 1.2.2: - Sorted the list of tabs in Survival Handbook to be more like in Creative Inventory (build-in tabs first, modded - after)
  10. Well, they don’t mix with mod tabs in my game O_o All mod tabs are appended to the formal list. UPD: Oops! Just seen my own screenshot )) well, it’s getting ordered somewhere ) I’ll try to find how to beat it )
  11. First of all - panning mechanic is bound to it’s action item - the Wooned Pan. All magic is happening in it’s code (OnInteraction* methods to be precise). So, to start making your own “craft” mechanic, you’ll have to find the starting point (trigger item/block), implement item transaction (source item => resulting item) in code of trigger item (with the corresponding character animation if needed), then decide how your mechanic will be present in jsons and patch all existing jsons, which will participate in your crafts. That’s absoutely not an easy task for a beginner.
  12. 1.2.1: - Removed debug info (please check your desktop - there should be file called "harmony.log.txt". It is safe to delete it Sorry
  13. 1.4.1-B: - Fixed crash on multiplayer when opening just placed Ore Box
  14. 1.2.0: - Mod search (@) now works for Creative Inventory as well! (no caching yet, but works).
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