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Survival Hotfix (


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Version is ready for download in the account manager.

As always, we do actual testing *after* a release, because we are professional like that...
This release should fix all major issues with 1.4.2.

Game updates

  • Tweak: Hay can now burn
  • Tweak: Gravel dig sound slightly less obnoxious (reduced volume by 7 db)
  • Fixed: Crash when trying to bake clay or clay bricks in the fire pit
  • Fixed: Snow layer waving in the wind on frosted grass
  • Fixed: Completing a clay form not removing the clay forming surface
  • Fixed: Collected items not merging with items in ones hotbar (i hope o.O)
  • Fixed: Cattail placeable in illegal positions
  • Fixed: Uncommon crash when joining a multiplayer server
  • Fixed: Tool molds not bakeable at all -_-
  • Fixed: Attacking entities with weapons did not update their durabilitiy on the client side
  • Fixed: Should fix players able to place blocks where other players are standing
  • Fixed: Bowls not stackable
  • Fixed: Drifter hurt sound and water splash sounds not attenuating over distance

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