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animation looks right in vsmodelcreator, but wrong in-game

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I have a crow model (based off the chicken), whose basic model is the crow with its wings outstretched:


Then I added a flapping animation by rotating at the wing joints, and this looks correct in-game:

At this point in-game the bird flaps while flying, and when it idles it has its wings extended. Now I modified the idle animation to have the wings folded:

But now the flapping looks wrong in-game:

You can tell the bird is trying to flap, but the wings end up folded into the body somehow. What should I try to fix this?

The shape file is at https://github.com/rtwfroody/vsbirds/blob/animate/assets/birds/shapes/crow.json, and the rest of the WIP mod in the surrounding directories.

Thank you,


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