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Dynamic Hotfix (v1.4.3.1)


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As usual, a bugfix release after a feature release.
Version is ready for download in the account manager.

Game updates

  • Tweak: F4 now also hides clayforming and smithing recipe outlines
  • Tweak: Disabled again that players get stuck in blocks, instead using some other hacks to get players to sync better in multiplayer
  • Tweak: Plant tint update to make some jungles less dark green
  • Tweak: Added more omph to ore blasting bomb. More particles, now also breaks some rock and should damage the player more likely.
  • Fixed: Several issues related to placing/removing seaweed and reeds
  • Fixed: Clayform dropping invisible block when broken
  • Fixed: Weird block breaking action when interaction with clayforms
  • Fixed: Using Fireclay for clayforming crashes the game
  • Fixed: Gamma slider not enabled when switching back to creative mode
  • Fixed: Tool rack not dropping their contents when broken
  • Fixed: Mining tiers wrongly assigned
  • Fixed: Many sounds not correctly attenuated in multiplayer
  • Fixed: Players able to mine 2 blocks at once
  • Fixed: Other players held light sources not correctly applying dynamic lights in multiplayer
  • Fixed: Text line breaks in the graphics settings dialog on some gui scales
  • Fixed: Tab key not correctly cycling through input fields
  • Fixed: Fixes player able to break water blocks with lily pads in hand

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