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Bees & Honey:
Bees improve the quality of all flowering plants within a radius of 30-40 blocks.
With some small chance, bees can create a wild hive.(Even domestic bees.)
To cut a beehive in a tree without damaging it, use a saw.

Standart apiary - You can open and get the honeycomb. It produces less than hundreds, but it does not break every time, but it is necessary to change the roof after 2-3 times.

Chest apiary - 
Apiary crate:
Multiblock construction, each Box is 1 half block. For work, you need a framework.
Log apiary - Not need honey frames. Need to break to get honeycombs.


Honey frames - Needed for the extraction more honey in apiaries.
The frame has several levels of the subject:
0lvl "Empty honey frame" 1lvl "Waxed honey frame" Beeswax(The bees did not manage to cover the honeycombs with sufficient honey.) 2lvl "" One honeycomb 3lvl "" Two honey comb 3lvl "Heavy honey frame"" Three honeycomb 4 "Crowded heavy honey frame" Four honeycomb.
Frames eventually wear out after about 6-25 removal honeycombs from them, they break. The more honeycombs on them, the more damage the frame will receive when they are removed.

image.png.22e97d55fef0ad306784853e31a62dc9.pngBeekeeper hat - Bees defence

Use a stick, bamboo or reed&cane to immediately catch termites in termite mound, or catch them with your bare hands.
Caught termites can be released, and thus they after some time with some chance will make a colony.
You can let go of termites and they will build a colony with a small chance(10-20%).
Termite mound 
Around the Termite mound appear NPC/Mob termites who walk around it.
The texture of the Termite mound depends on the block on which it stands.
Termite mound have the opportunity to grow and upgate. Max size 3x3.

The ability to use bamboo in a coal pit to create charcoal.
Change the bamboo falling system. The bamboo has no branches but only leaves within a radius of 3 blocks also, when cutting down bamboo, it does not cut down adjacent blocks of bamboo.
Change the drop of bamboo. Instead of three sticks he gives 1 bamboo stick and change the stack to 64 blocks.
Bamboo shoot - Change the bamboo seedling system. Rename "Bamboo Sabling" to "Bamboo shoot".
Add cooking recipes from bamboo shoot.
Add bamboo: fence, door, Ladder

Rename and re-texture icon "Cattails" to "Cane" or "Reed". Only reed sticks should be on the texture..
Create a separate item for each type of river grass.
Add the ability to grow more reeds.(Or getting more roots.)
Add "Sugar cane" and the ability to produce sugar from it. In order to get a standart "Reed/Cane" put it in craft

Collecting tree sap/resin:
Wooden tap - Used for sap/resin in a larger volume.  By installing a clay pot under it, you can automatically extract even more.
Approximate look and how it should work.
Pine Resin - It is obtained in larger volumes than other types of plants.
Birch sap: Together with the resin, birch has sap. n Russia and Belarus it is quite common. Unlike Maple, almost all birch trees give sap.
Maple sap(Sugar maple sap)

Add new animal fish and crustaceans to the water.
The meat of Sea fish and animals is tastier due to the high salt content and greater purity of water. The meat of river animals contains more dirt and other things because of which it is less tasty.
Because of what, sea animals will be more nutritious than river.
You can also create an aquarium.
Aquatic animals:
Crustaceans: Crab(Sea), Hermit Crab(Sea, Drop shell), lobster(Sea), crayfish/Cancers(River's).
Soo much crab'sCoconut crab, Hermit CrabSlipper/Spiny lobster
When cutting, you get: Crustacean "river/sea" meat(River less tasty and fewer calories), Shells(For create stuffed Crustacean), Clam Shell's(Only)
Temporal "Crustaceans" - Giant "crustacean" that ate the ancient mechanism due to which it changed. Pretty aggressive towards the player. Occasionally hunts animals on land.
When cutting, it falls out: a lot of meat, rare chance of a temporal gear, giant shell (From it you can make a shield or armor)
Frog's: Hylidae/Tree frog(Poison frog in jungle), Toad(Swamp), Edible frog.
When cutting, you get: frog body(For cook) and Head with entrails that can be used for bait.
Gastropoda, Mytilus(Sea), Ostreidae(Sea), Anodonta/Unio pictorum(River)
When cutting, you get: Snail meat, Sea/River Clam meat and Shell's.
image.png.4f19fbeeacb56808384f6906d598215c.pngAnd other Shell's
All fish are cut into certain types of meat: Salmon/Redfish meat, Sea/River whitefish meat, Thunnus meat, eel meat, Marlin meat(Swordfish/Marlin), Shark meat, Acipenseriformes meat(Acipenser/Huso/Paddlefish).
Moderate River: CatfishAcipenser/HusoPaddlefish, EsoxRutilus, Roach, Carp, Oncorhynchus salmon/Trout, PerchRuffe(Small not good for eat), CarassiusHypophthalmichthysEuropean eel, Burbot, Lamprey(There is a chance to catch with another fish).
Moderate sea: European eelOncorhynchus salmon, Diplodus(Laskir/Ласкирь), ScomberClupeaSprat(Small tasty fish caught in nets), Mugil/MulletFlatfish/Pleuronectidae/Scophthalmus/FlounderAcipenserPeacock blenny, Trout(Salmon),
https://ru.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ласкирь -(Not have english wiki) Laskir The species is found in the eastern Atlantic: Madeira, Canary Islands, also off the coast of Portugal, north to the Bay of Biscay, in the Mediterranean, Black and Azov Seas.
Warn River: KoiBichir, PiranhasHydrolycusPacuArapaima(Most gigantic freshwater fish), Mudskipper(Moves on land to water bodies), Electric catfishHydrocynus/Tiger FishLungfishSawfishSynodontis catfishNile perchLoricariidae catfish,
Warn Sea: Thunnus, FuguSwordfish/MarlinSea lamprey(There is a chance to catch with another fish), Shark, BatoideaLatimeria(Not good for food, good for fat),
Deep sea....
Coral reef....
Rare boss:
Temporal Catfish/Temporal Electric catfish - Catfish the size of a shark. Sharks are less dangerous but nevertheless has one feature: it draws a target towards itself when attacking in water. But electric catfish is already more dangerous than sharks since if a player in metal armor then he will fry him.
Temporal Megalodon - Giant shark eating a lot of temporal devices.

Fugu helmet, Batoidea leather(Batoidea armor), Knife/Sword from Batoidea spike, Sawfish blade(Sword of 1698).

Fishing trap - No need for bait catches passively large and medium-sized fish.
https://ru.wikipedia.org/wiki/Верша_(рыболовная_снасть) - I did not find the English name of this trap.
Craft Fishing trap: Cattail's(Reed/Cane)/Stick/Bamboo + Flax Fiber's
Capture all fish: small, big, all...
Crab trap:
Inside, you need to put the bait in order to attract the crab/lobster/crayfish/Cancers. Rotten meat and worm's is the best bait.

With each animal falls one pelt instead of several hide(Mod Animal Pelts).
To begin to process the pelt you need to put in the craft with a knife, and only then you get the hide that you can start processing.
Each skin is unique and has 4 parameters:
1: Skin texture.
2: Size: 1x1/1x2/2x2/3x2/3x3
3: Amount hide after knife processing.
4: Amount fur after knife processing.

Almost all animals can be domesticated. Hyenas and foxes can become pets. 
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Domesticated_red_fox - And yes, in Russia there are domestic foxes and I live there.
Unlike many other types of animals, a hyena can be tamed not only at a young age, but also at a mature age, that is, those animals that have lived their entire lives in the wild “domesticate”. With cubs, however, this happens much faster and easier.

Accessories for animalsCollar(Flex fiber, Leather), Spiked Collar(Leather + Metal Scales)
Using dyes you can color the collar.
Capture system - Use sack or cage to capture: Fox/Fox pup, Wolf/Hyena Pup(Not an adult), Piglet, Raccoon, Hare/Rabbit, Lamb, Rooster/Hen/Chick.
If you get an animal through craft, you lose the Cage/Sack. So if you want to sell an animal, get it out of the cage/sack or to save inventory space.
How to catch animals? To catch an animal, hold the cage/sack, right-click on them and hold for several seconds. So you need to catch animals sleeping or cornered.
To release the animal, set the animal’s cage or bag with it on the ground and then open it and after a few seconds it will come out. You can also close the cage again and pick it up together with the animal if it has not yet come out.
An alternative way to catch animals is a food trap. Food+"Flax twine/Rope"+Cage. The more attractive the food for the animal, the greater the chance of catching it.
The longer the animal is in the cage, the higher the chance that it will get out.
All raw clay should be different from each other. Make a difference of objects from the Blue clay and fire clay.
Add more Clay color's.(Earthworks Mode)
Faster "Mold"(Not for All) adding this system you can add the ability to destroy mold's. By destroying the form, you get fragments of ceramics from which you can make the road.
"Anvil mold" Always destroyed after you get the anvil.
New tools/Weapon:
Blacksmith's tongs - They help to get a hot item out of the mold.(Except the anvil)
Sledgehammer - Better breaks rock into stones and also has more damage through protection. Mining has a greater chance of destroying crystalline ore(Similar to effect "Ore Blasting bomb").
How should I rename "Helvehammer head" to "Sledgehammer head", and make 2 crafting options to "Helvehammer" or "Sledgehammer".
Wedge/Long Chisel - Holding it in your left hand and in your right hammer or sledgehammer you can mine a rock or ore carefully and you do not need to get all the blocks from all sides, but only from two sides from which you look, but the less contact the faster you get the stone.
Adze - A tool for cleaning wood from bark can be used to make boards, but there will be fewer of them than when working with a saw.
Macuahuitl - Primitive sword.
image.png.9cd5ce5021f9070521ec94f69f250670.pngWood club + 2/4 obsidian/flint or other sharp stone
Branch Cutter(Mode Necessaries) - Scissors for getting blocks of leaves and getting some plant blocks that are completely destroyed upon destruction(Saquaro cactus, Glow worms). With it, you can craft saplings from the "Branchy leaves".
Axe-pickaxe - Press F to change the operating mode(Axe or Pickaxe).
Single sided pickaxe - A more economical pick for metal but less durable.
Sickle - Unlike Scythe, it breaks only 1 block of grass/crop but faster.
image.png.0ac5bacde11e3bce6727960522e30645.pngStone sickle(Neolithic)
Bone/Bambo/Wood arrow - Small damage. And add Obsidian arrow head.
image.png.1d279df95e36f99e8d898f8937bf688a.pngCraft: Bone/Bambo/Stick+Feather+Knife(Stone+ lvl)

New Tools system:
It’s worth taking the idea of creating tools from the minecraft mod "Tinker construct" but complicate it with primitive mechanics.
At the very beginning, you do not need to look for sticks. Sticks cannot be connected in any way with a stone without a rope or glue/resin
In the beginning, just create a blade of stone, without a stick it will be worse but for a start it will do. 
To make a stone tool with a stick you need one of the components: Resin, Bone Glue(Boil bone powder and skins in claypot), Rope, Flax fiber's. 
Stone chopped→Stone Axe
Stone Blade→Stone Knife
Scraper→Stone Shovel
You can take the idea of crafting from "Tinker construct" but but each element has its own parameter.
Each element of the instrument has its own durability so that the handle may break earlier than the instrument itself.

Each tool should be unique.
Handle: Stick(Standart), Bamboo(More faster but breaks down quickly), Bone(Stronger but slightly slower), Metal-Ingot rode(Slow efficiency at the start and acceleration with use also high durability.), Board handle(Better than a standart stick), Wax polished handle(Much stronger sticks and more effective)
Bandaged handles: Linen, Wool, Hide/Pelt(Small/Medium), x2/4 flax twine, Leather.
Speeds up the tool a bit.
Connection: Flax Fiber's, Flax twine, Rope, Nail's, Linen, Wool, Hide/Pelt(Small/Medium), Leather
Additional connection: Bone Glue, Resin, Linen with glue(Ducktape)
Head - Upper or main part of the tool.
Integrity - Each tool, when used, loses its integrity. With the loss of a certain number of% integrity, the tool becomes unusable and cannot be used for its intended purpose. So with every percentage lost, the effective range and effectiveness of the tool is lost. After each sharpening, the item loses its integrity.
Head Sharpness - The more often you use the tool and spend its durability, the lower its sharpness and effectiveness. Not all tools require sharpness to work effectively.
All items that are made by pouring into a mold require sharpening.
For sharpening you need: Whetstone, wheel Whetstone, Stone(For stone tools).
The metal tool almost does not break, it only becomes worthless. The exception is stone it always breaks and cannot be repaired.
Metal tools require simple repairs add a few pieces of metal.
Corrosion: The higher the parameter, the higher the chance of additional damage to the durability. The extraction of chromium for iron and steel to avoid it becomes relevant.
Addictive to items - One of the characteristics when you use one item for a long time. Increases the tool speed parameters and reduces the chances of it lose durability.
Wood Carpentry - For complex tools you need to make special wooden parts. Making craft these details is something like blacksmithing. First you lay a log, log or stick on a workbench. Then use: Chisel, Axe, Knife and Saw for crate this part's.

I propose to make it possible to decorate your tool as you like. Add the possibility of a similar chisel to create your own weapon (without changing its characteristics)
Limitation for players: For example, it requires a metal part to be a certain length and a certain width.(On servers can be modified by the mod)

Paint's & Art creation:
Make it possible to create dye on an industrial scale. Make many new dye options. Of the many old dyes, add the function of creating a powder which can be used to create paints.
Dye powder + Special liquid in a barrel for paints→Dye
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Watercolor_painting https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oil_paint
Palette - A repository of paint for painting/tapestry with a brush. Wax is needed so that the paint does not soak into the wood. The palette has a limit on the amount of paint in itself and has the ability to mix paints. Also, the palette has a visual appearance by the amount of paint in itself so that you can notice that some kind of paint is over.
Paint Brush - Works like a Chisel but has 2 functions: Paint selection from the palette, shape selection (Circle 3x3/4x4/5x5, Square 1x1/2x2/3x3/4x4). To draw, you need a palette in your left hand from which paints and dyes will be used.
Once you have created your drawing tools, you will need to lay the Canvas on a wall or floor. Next, you draw on them. You can also add them to frames.

What is suitable for creating a canvas for a painting/tapestry:
Canvas=Leather, Paper, Wool, Linen, Flax twine, Hide/Pelt, Painting/tapestry

How to make a frame for a picture?
Leather/paper/wool/linen used to create painting/tapestry.
Stick/Board/Bamboo/Ingot&Nugget/Cattails or other block + Canvas(Put in the center of the craft)
How to remove the frame from the picture?
Painting/tapestry+knife=Painting/tapestry without frame(By removing the frame you return the materials to yourself)
Putting the knife in the center of the craft, you completely clear the Painting/tapestry from the frames.
Easel - Need to copy pictures. Having set the painting on an easel and taking the “clean painting” in your right hand and in the left palette you will begin to copy the painting using paints from the palette.
To create stained-glass you need to make a special workbench where you will create blocks from the glass fragments.
image.png.2f4ec6ac9c889cec739a78506f1ea78e.pngBreak the glass to get glass shard for create stained-glass.
Savings on drawing labels:
Dye+Board/Bamboo/Stick+Fiber=2-8 Pencil
Pencil that can help write text 5-10 times + 50-100 times uses for draw paintings/tapestry. Saving resources.
Metal pipe+Metal arrow head=Pen(Or created on an anvil)
The pen uses liquid dye/paint's.
Echo chamber:
Add a volume setting to the game settings(So as not to reduce ambient).
Add object setting volume and repeat the melody.
After playing music, the animation of the rotation of the plate should stop if the repeat mode is not turned on in it.

Water wheel - In order for craft not to be simple, you need to do it so that rare material is used to create boards.
image.png.98f6e44d6b31b8cb505e933c4aa06c93.png - Water wheel craft. The stronger the metal plate, the less demanding the mill to repair. Iron and Steel almost does not require repair.
A water wheel works if there is a stream going to it or the same source of water. 
At a water wheelchair 4 levels and also an opportunity to put an almost unlimited amount in a row.
1 lvl 4 blades, 2 lvl 8 blades, 3 lvl 12 blades, 4 lvl 16 blades.
Depending on the materials, the water wheel can withstand certain loads, and when overloaded, it will break after some time and will require time for repair, or rather replacement of the boards(Not Metal plate need).
The more blocks of water connected to the flow of water, the stronger the flowing water, thereby the mill works faster. One source of water cannot make the mechanism move fast even at level 4.
Temporal stabilizer&Meeting stone - It stabilizes the place and makes it possible to make it a respawn place(Hold right click). The longer it works, the less drifters spawn(Add Temporal Gear to speed up the process).
An object creates a ray into the sky if above it is sky or glass, the color of the ray is dependent on Quartz(Or other dye)
It does not protect against Temporal storms but reduces a little the number of drifters.
If the device has been activated when destroyed, you get: Random 4 gear(1 min Temporal  and 3 random Rusty/Temporal Gear), Board or 4 Block Rock/Cobblestone.
If the device has not been activated, you get it completely.
image.png.d8450e10b1acc928252946c5977c0d54.png"Temporal stabilizer" Craft: 2x4(8) Board + 4 Temporal Gear + 4 Quartz(Or other dye)
image.png.76d0af63bcc7daf6e7110c06198ce5b9.png"Meeting stone"(World of Warcraft Style) Craft: 4 Rock/Rock Polished/Cobblestone+ 4 Temporal Gear + 4 Quartz(Or other dye)
Self-made "metal" static temporal translocator - Has a cooldown on teleport duration 24/48/72/96 hour to reduce it, add more temporal gears to it, 1 item reduces the waiting time by 4/8/12 hours.
In total, 10 temporal gears are required to remove the waiting cooldown.
If the device has been activated when destroyed, you get: 2 Ingot, 6 "Metal" sheet/plate, 8 Metal part's, Random 3 gear(Temporal/Rusty Gear)
If the device has not been activated, you get it completely.
image.png.ebf2cc5489fab49bf791cab7ce8f147f.pngCraft: 2 Ingot, 6 "Metal" sheet/plate, 8 Metal part's, Temporal 3 gear
Stave/Staff binding temporal thread/Temporal Stave/Staff - It has a certain number of charges, after which the required Temporal gear replacement, after the end of the charge gives the player a rusty gear. This staff is needed to configure Temporal devices.
Translocator setup:
1: Place the first teleport.
2: Right-click on the first teleporter holding the "Temporal Stave" and he remembers this place.
You can also give names to teleporters.
3: Go to the place where you want to place the second teleport and place it.
4: Right-click on the second teleporter holding the "Temporal Stave" and he will offer to connect it to the teleporters already known to him.
You can spin the "wind wheel" with your hands and the ability to hang other modules on it.
image.png.38a40849fc2dcaf544d010c6a259adbf.pngMaking a mill big "handle/lever?" - For human/player.
For animal: Horse/Donkey/Zebra, Sheep(Ram/Ewe), Boar/Sow/Pig, Hyena/Wolf, Cow/Bull
image.png.271c1e6926e4b2b1ced9a23203b15d9c.pngMaking a mill "animal handle/lever?"(I forgot the name harness for animals for this work)
image.png.815e834e9a6cf5b445e4f48b6be8fa45.pngimage.thumb.png.2fbfb3d81007a8ed4ac18fd854b4b7e5.pngWheel of pain(Konan universe)
Washing gravel/sand:
Ore washing sieve/Frame sieve - 30-60% faster than Wooden pan
image.png.82c65bfcb2d827791daa1ed473a53718.pngI also propose to make craft from two connected sieves which is faster than a regular sieve.
Washing sieve rotor - Max 2 or 4 Ore washing sieve for upgate. Put max 2/4 or 8 gravel/sand inside. and on a water draft he will automatically sift them. Several times faster than conventional sand/gravel washing we need a player to check sand and gravel in the item. To make the mechanism a form of a wheel or the same framework in several floors(2/3/4)

Gardening & Farming:
Growing flowers - By planting flowers on the farmland, they will create new flowers after a while. This process can be accelerated if there are bees nearby.
Quartz & Glass:
Add more ore Color's of ore Quartz and new Crystal's(I forgot that Amethyst is a type of quartz).
Create Quartz/Fluorite/Fluorite/Clear Quartz/Olivine/Obsidian + Clay=Coblestone x2/4(No transparency block)
For Clear Quartz/Olivine/Fluorite/Quartz/Obsidian  + Resin/Clue=Cobblestone glass x2/4(Transparency block)
Cobblestone glass→Bloomery=Transparent cobblestone glass(More transparent block)
Unlike the “Cobblestone glass” one, it is more transparent but still has the outlines of the fact that it is made of cobblestone.
Obsidian Glass(Dark Glass)
Reduce the requirement for olivine to create glass(Similarly quartz).
Crystals to Chunk. Hammer+Crystal=Chunk + Chance get Clear quartz or other mineral.
Add Crystals for Olivine, Fluorite...
Add the chance of crystals appearing in voids around the ore in cave.
Fluorite use for create Glass.
Stained glass: Make many options for glass and its cutting into pieces or shards to create stained glass.
Lighter/Tinderbox/More FIRE:
From which it will be possible to make a tinderbox, or just a quick way to light a fire.
Pyrite ore - Add this ore to the world or washing it out of clay or sand/gravel.
Cerium ore - Cerium alloy with 50% iron it artificial flint for tinderbox.
Phosphorus - It can also be used for fire or fertilizer.

Survival handbook:
Add to the "Survival handbook" how many items are obtained after crafting.
Remove unnecessary blocks from "Survival handbook". Stalactide/Stalagmite, Clothes(Just make a separate article on clothing and Stalactide/Stalagmite.)
Add in "Survival handbook" for mobs their loot and habits. 
Chisel block:
The chisel cannot be used on: Plaster(All type block),

Add the ability to hang objects on chisel blocks. This was done using the function in Creative with the replacement of the block.
Add a function to the hammer or chisel so that they can turn or change the shape of fences or other objects. Since Chisel blocks lose their ability to connect to fences.
Add new Block's/Item's:
Cobblestone block, Brick/Polished block for: Obsidian, Kimberlite stone, Scoria volcanic rock, Tuff volcanic rock, Halite stone, Suevite impact rock,
Add more Sandstone. Sandstone is pressed sand that does not crumble.
For all Stone/Clay add this blok's.
Rename all "Stone Brick's" to "Stone Block's" and create new block/item "Stone brick".
For craft "stone brick" you need "stone block".
"Tile" twice thinner than bricks for craft need "Brick" required more "Clay/Mortal"
image.png.0fb0e6afa78ae15806082dd728fd321f.png"Stone brick" craft


Saltpeter ore - Destroy block drop 1-4 saltpeter.

Add stone color for "Stone path".

Gravel road - Stone + Gravel+Clay - The texture takes from the gravel from which it is made and adds the stone that were added to it. Due to the addition of clay, the block loses physics.

Bone block's: Bone fence, Bone door, Bone's Block, Giant bone block.(Add craft for skull block)

Obsidian ore in sand/gravel/rock/sandstone
Add Leather/Wool/Cloth block - Craft: 4/8 Leather/wool/linen
Quartzite sand/rock/stone/cobblestone.... Quartzite sandstone rock/stone/cobblestone.... big chante to find clear Quartz. From this sand you can make glass/gravel.
Wollastonite rock/stone/cobblestone....
White/Yellow/Pink/Black Alabaster sand/rock/stone/cobblestone.... and  Alabaster Glass
Mudstone or Mudrock/Argillite/Siltstone sand/rock/stone/cobblestone.... (Shale/Slate already in the game)
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mudstone https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mudrock https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Argillite
Soapstone rock/stone/cobblestone....
Jadeite/Jade rock/stone/cobblestone.... big chante to find malachite.
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jadeite https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jade
Lapis lazule rock/cobblestone....

Cracked Blocks(Mode The Neolithic Mod)
Craft: Hammer+Block → Cracked block
Craft: Hammer+Reed basket/Chest/Crate → Aged reed basket/Collapsed Chest(It does not lose functionality when it is broken, but only the appearance that it is broken.)

Nugget block
Craft: 80 Nugget's → 1 Nugget block
image.png.1c6c6b1c87107d1e816f3f3619dd0230.pngimage.png.2324d24694a32461f3b28575a213d3fe.pngIm need Malachite block for this.
"Rock(Polished)/Nugget block" Storage Vessel/Flowerpot/Pot(Not everyone is suitable for cooking but for storing food.)
Metal block
Craft: 6 Metal plate+ Rock(Polished)=Sheathed block - It's just that metal blocks will be too expensive. As well as the ability to return the metal plate.

More Hay block's: Hay(Rice) Green, Hay(Rey) yellow, Hay(Flax) light green, Hay(Spelt) Yellow-white similar to current block "Hay(Bamboo)".
Add hay stair and slab.
Decorative food:
Beewax+Food pot/plate= Food pot/plate sealed in wax(You can’t eat her anymore)
Make a item "Grass" that turns any block into a grass block. In certain biomes, use it instead of soil on top of a rock.
Add logs block that is surrounded on all sides by bark.
image.png.13554a2e7849730c24a7e08d2bf83e4e.pngJust replaced the texture for an example
Straw rods - Alternative craft baskets "Baskets of straw". Also, their craft can be made from the straw that is indicated above. 
image.png.46aa2410338f61fa3c975501e77ef55a.png Two crafting options image.png.e775adf8c2eb1f9592ec2397d65bc4ac.png
Double straw/reed/vine chest - 18 slot's
Double chest - 34 slot's
Temporal spice - This spice will make food forever fresh and it will never will rote.(Make a reference to the dune) Drop in dungeon's or NPC trade.

Add Craft:
Return Chisel block in normal block.

Cobblestone block/slab/stair→"Stone" with the loss of clay( ou can also add a chance 20-40% to return clay.)
Add craft vine basket
Add Smeltable metal scrap in Bloomery
Add drop for:
Stalactide/Stalagmite - stone from which it is made.
Add rotate for:
Hay block
Function's & Feature's:
Add carry object's (Mod CarryCapacity)

Add Editable Trader for player with creative/admin rights: Name trader, Full name trader in menu, Products and purchase items(The frequency of their appearance in stock and stock quantity), Movement(Route, Speed, Standing still, and animations), HP & Reaction(Immortal & HP amount, Respawn & Respawn cooldown, When attacking him: Runs, Ignore or defends himself, Item in hand and Damage)
Add Dialog and Quest NPC.

Add the ability to keep several worlds on one server. /tp "ID or Name World" XYZ and /TP XYZ(For teleportation to the current world.) This feature would be very useful for creating the "Miner Worlds" and creating new worlds and dimensions for mods.

Add for create tool for delete NPC/Animal's/Trader's.

Add Metal Recovery for Anvil(Mod).
Add craft "Two Knife", "Chisel" for 1 ingot in Smithing and "Two chisel" 24-28 cubes the remainder after crafting 1 Chisel for 1 Chisel need Cubes 16.
The ability to change at any time what you are doing on anvil, as well as make several items from one ingot. For example, you accidentally chose the wrong item to create on the anvil and you can change it at any time or create the desired item and make a knife or chisel from its remains

Crucible - Increase the number of slots in the crucible. But at the same time make a limit on the amount of metal in it in liquid form 2500-3000 fluid units. It will be useful when melting many different items.

If a farmland is abandoned for a long time and has full minerals, then it will become ordinary form soil/compost/terra preta.
Soil (Glassy)/Soil+ underwater → Soil (Seaweed) or Soil (Mud)
Add grass growth under: Chiseled block, Stair's, Slab
Change the animation of the flight when there is nothing in the hands, they should be down.
Add "Full Window mode non border" to switch between windows faster.

Save Map - The world map is saved by the player, so he can look at it at any time. And he does not need to go into that chunk to load it since the map is already saved in the player’s files.

Outlines of objects - Before place the object/block, you see its shape. It should help pretty much to establish slab, steps and objects that are attached to something. Also, together with the visible contour of the restored object, add the ability to rotate the object if it has such an opportunity.

Display Map Point - Display Point on the screen.(Similar to this mod VSHUD)

Grass setting. To make small transitions between blocks of grass on the plains was less noticeable.
Left side with this setting turned on(New), right side with turned off this setting(OLD).
image.thumb.png.a13da55c2d1213821b1fdda218cc1713.pngJust replaced the texture for an example
Remove your nickname at third person view.
World generation:
Add in surface to the generation Meteor craters.
Add clean rock(Without grass/dirt/gravel/sand) on the surface to the generation.
Add a rare object surrounding the meteorite crater.

Add biome "Paradise islands" Small islands with palm trees and dense small thickets.
Scycle cannot cut several blocks of reed and papyrus at once.

There are no tapestries in the creative mode. And creative can copy tapestries.
Lamp Glass:
Fix slab Glass blocks "Only horizontal" - After destroy this item is being repaired.

Add Achievement and Easter eggs:
Achievement&Easter Egg: No exit! - Did you want to escape to hell? We will not let you escape to paradise, because by comparison with this world hell will seem like paradise.

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