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VS-1.10.15 The Neolithic Mod

tony Liberatto

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Attention This mod is intended for experienced players. If you have not played the game until at least bronze age, do not install the mod.

Total Conversion Mod. Requires a new World Creation.
Attention, the new update will break all in game chests, if you are updating, move all items to  stationary baskets. 
there was no way to avoid it. 

This Mod extends the game play with the introduction of tools, item, and blocks.

Within the constraints of a cube Universe or Dimension where the game takes place, we strive to add realism.
The mod adds:

  1. 324 Construction Blocks
  2. 93 Decorative Blocks.
  3. 46 Items and resources.
  4. 216 Tools and Weapons Variants.
  5. 2 New Plants, The Sisal and The Giant Reeds.
  6. 95 Animal Variants.
  7. One unique animal, The Rabbit.
  8. 1 Smith recipe. For the chisel.
  9. 1 clay form recipe for the ClayStamp
  10. 12 Knapping Recipes.
  11. 313 Grid Recipes.

As the name suggests many of the things added here are part of the game Stone Age.
I try to add as much description on the blocks and items, so the player knows what to do with them and the recipes. If any item or Block could benefit from a better description or is lacking a description, please make a comment here, so we can improve the mod.
This mod adds too many things to enumerate here.
I strongly recommend on the first install, to switch to creative and explore the Neolithic Tabs. 

New Animals: The Rabbit.
A new way to harvest dead animals.
New Plants: The Sisal, a source of Fiber. The Giant Reed, a source of Reeds
New Primitive Tools, require animal bones and sinew but have double durability.

New Blocks: Tree branches, can be used to make primitive fences.

New Bows and arrows.

Hand stone tools, the first tools humans create.

Green Bamboo and Brown bamboo now drop their corresponding color stakes, that you can make into blocks.

Animal Skull trophy, to decorate your hunter cabin.
Animal Head Trophy, even better.
Pelts and Rugs.
Every animal drops specific meat and they have different properties.

Now Includes: 
The Clay Stamp:


The Clay Stamp


Make Clay bowls and ingot molds really fast.

The idea is that is Ok for the starting player to have to manually create bowls and molds, but once said player achieve some progress in the tech tree, he/she should be able to make it faster using Clay Stamps.

The mod adds 2 Clay Stamps, One for creating bowls, and one for creating ingot molds. once you have the Stamps, just right click with clay and it will instantly create the item.

To be immersive and not break gameplay the Stamps can only be made with Bronze and you first need to create a mold for the Stamp and pour melted bronze in it.

Attention, there is a visual glitch that makes it look like the liquid metal is pouring all over the block, just ignore it. it will work once it says 100%.






The Light Sources:



My first mod. It adds Alternative Light Sources.


The Tallow Candle:



Untitled.thumb.png.25e8d1ba90a4dd1bb6739867cac59491.png  This block behaves the same way as the regular candle, you can place one or up to 9, the main difference is that it uses Fat, and it cannot be used to make lanterns. In essence, a chip candle to be used as decoration or to light Up a path.

1671514646_tallowrecipe.png.d67af6166fc555392d09a1686f5ff226.png  The recipe to make tallow, 3 fat makes 9 tallow.


tallowcandlerecipe.png.b1897b597b2defe95f3627fa7c6ab8c1.pngThe recipe to make the Tallow Candle. A Flax twine on top of tallow.



The Paper Lanter:



This is a stronger Light Source. The fact that it is a block provides for alternatives when building, The light level is 21.

paperlantern.thumb.png.1110a2f41290e411883a081aab105574.png PaperLanterRecipe.png.ce4d695b4eeb0e12acd2af3e9f4c29eb.png

The recipe uses sticks, linen and any Lantern, 

Obs: using a Lining lantern will not result in more Light level, recommended to use the Base Copper lantern for this recipe.





The Glass Lantern:



A brand new Block, the Glass Lantern is a Very powerful light Source. Light level 31, it is recommended for Towers or Light Houses.



It requires a Lantern with a Silver or Gold lining. Glass Blocks and Iron Metal Plates.

Thanks to Balduranne for the shape and  Texture.

Cracked Blocks:



The idea for this mod is to be able to build old and decrepit structures. For that feeling of an abandoned building.

It's a working in progress as we are still tweaking the textures, but I decided to make it available to see what the reception would be.



Chests+, Tables+


New Textures for Chests with one for each type of wood. 
new Textures for Tables and chairs, again with one for each type of wood.




Some pictures.



vuNwiqO.png                   3r7Tiaw.png



teIdcez.png     aXmDtgk.pngiAparaD.png    6uaxTEl.jpg


















Tii7UKe.png 2018-09-28_22-21-25.thumb.png.4e1b42eeb6c11bb138d7c6e531b6852c.png


Version 1.3.16 is out. Or the Sleeping Beast. All animals have a sleeping mode. predators are nocturnal, and so they sleep during the day. 
Predators will seek and eat dead animals, even if it is daylight, so be careful when you hunt. 



As always, many people help to make those mods possible including but not limited :
@Balduranne , @Tyron@Stroam@Milo Christiansen , @copygirl , @Novocain, @MarkAFK.

Download here:  https://github.com/TonyLiberatto/The-Neolithic-Mod/releases 
here is the source code: https://github.com/TonyLiberatto/The-Neolithic-Mod

The mod depends on CarryCapacity, get the latest version here:



Edited by tony Liberatto
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BalduranneNew Update:
Fix a few bugs and missing recipes.

               Balduranne's  Build Mod, with Bamboo doors and Mudwall blocks.
               Tony Liberatto's; Light Sources, with tallow candles and Glass Lantern.
               Tony Liberatto's: The Clay Stamp, with an easier way to make clay bowls em masse.
                Tony Liberatto's: Cracked Blocks, with cracked Stone Blocks, Brick Blocks, and Cracked Polished Blocks.


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We really need an " NEI" stile mod, with so many recipes now available and I predict it will only get worse as more mods are developed.

This is a great mod, any idea on the ETA of the update to 1.7 ? no pressure just curious. and also a big thank you for all the work you put in this.


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2 hours ago, Nemo said:

We really need an " NEI" stile mod, with so many recipes now available and I predict it will only get worse as more mods are developed.

This is a great mod, any idea on the ETA of the update to 1.7 ? no pressure just curious. and also a big thank you for all the work you put in this.


Soon, hopefully

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@Nemo  The update is ready, I just did not have the time to edit the post and release it.  Also I was hopping for an official release of the Game update to 1.7.4, as it fixes a small glitch with the animals.
As for an NEI/JEI feature, it is way above our capabilities, I would, however, ask you to make a suggestion in the forum or to ask Tyron in the Discord.

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A new Update for the Mod, version 1.3.16 is out. 
The Sleeping Beast Update.
All animals have a sleeping mode, predators are nocturnal animals and so, they sleep by day. All other animals sleep by night. 
Predators can smell dead animals and carrion, so be careful when you hunt. They will even wake up if they are hungry.

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