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Serverwide Announcements [Server-only]


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This is a simple, server-only mod that allows you to automatically broadcast messages in server chat with the prefix [Info]. I'll update it soon to make the prefix customizable.

How to use:

Put the zip file into your mods folder, and start the server. This will create 2 files in your Data Folder (where the serverconfig.json etc. are). One is called messages.txt and the other one messages.config.
Open messages.txt and type whatever you want (each line represents one message). To set the interval, open messages.config and edit the number after "interval" to your liking (default is 10, in minutes, positive natural numbers only, make sure there is only one space between "interval" and your number). Restart the server, now a message will be sent to chat every x minutes.

If you're experiencing any issues, please report them here!


Hope you enjoy it :)


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