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Guide: All writable objects and colors


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Hi all,

first... we need e guide-section in this forum. ;)

I did intensive research to find out which objects can be writable and which colors/materials are available.

Actually only 3 objects can be written:
1. Sign
2. Labeled Chest
3. Sign post

You can write with 7 items in 6 colors:
1. Chalk stone = white
2. Limestone stone = light grey (very light but NOT white)
3. Charcoal* = black
4. Black coal* = black
5. Cinnabar = light red
6. Nugget (Malachit) = light green
7. Rough lapis lazuli = light blue
 * = Brown coal dosn´t work!

The rendering of text looks a little bit strange and is not always easy to read.  🙄

I wish:
- better color/text rendering.
- a way to write in bold.
- more colors/materials.
- different colors on ONE object, especially on the signpost.
- all 3 objects in all different woodtypes.

What you think...
... is this guide helpfull?
... i forgot something?
... any questions or wishes?

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