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The Seasons Update (v1.13-rc.2)


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Dear Seasonal Community
v1.13-rc.2 can now be downloaded through the account manager

Here, have another release candidate. Hopefully after 1 to 3 more of these the game can be declared stable. One important fix left to do is related to Radeon HD 5000 and 6000 series graphics cards, which have all the grass and foliage turned purple. 😮


Game updates

  • Feature: New main menu backgrounds
  • Tweak: More Performance improvements on the snow accum system, should further reduce lagspikes caused by it. Might break stuff. (Technical info: Added a fast-path for snowlayer client->server block updates)
  • Tweak: Added worldConfig 'snowAccum', now disabled in creative building worlds, so players can build with snow again
  • Tweak: Rain clouds now travel twice as fast, should hopefully mitigate never ending rain somewhat
  • Tweak: Snow and Ice now melt much slower at low temperatures
  • Tweak: Distant terrain fades again instead of hard cut-off
  • Tweak: Metal Lamellar armor rebalance: +50% durability to all of them
  • Tweak: Fine tuned the models and transforms of most tool heads
  • Tweak: Hares now drop double the meat (1 => 2)
  • Tweak: Temporal storm tweaks
    • Now fades in/out 3 times slower
    • Distant terrain during temporal storm is now more strongly distorted
    • Rain during temporal storms is now rust colored.
  • Tweak: Sleeping wolves will wake at greater distance when the player comes close (6 => 10 blocks)
  • Tweak: Display case glass now less transparent
  • Tweak: Surface copper deposits longer spawn in rich quality, except when its spawns in basalt
  • Fixed: Singleplayer screen: World tool tips covering up the modify icon, making it tricky to find the button
  • Fixed: Bony remains after harvesting floating in air sometimes they will now fall down
  • Fixed: Block breaking overlay were incorrect on anvils, chests, vessels, pots, planters and crops
  • Fixed: Worldedit undo works again
  • Fixed: Setting different days per month for a world was not properly applied
  • Fixed: Immersive Fp mode fixes
    • Derpy seraph animations when picking up pots and crocks
    • Derpy hands inside pots and barrels when held in handss
  • Fixed: Sapling fixes. Snow covered saplings not stacking with other saplings. No longer overly dark with SSAO on. No longer static when windy.
  • Fixed: Various exceptions thrown from loading up old or broken saves
  • Fixed: Various inventory itemstack movement issues with the fire pit and quern
  • Fixed: Mushrooms dropping snow covered variants of themselves
  • Fixed: The current value in drop down gui elements were not vertically centered when the gui scale was not 8
  • Fixed: Customize world screen mouse clicks overlap issues
  • Fixed: 'Days per month' property not synced to client. Causes oddities when it was not set to the default value of 12
  • Fixed: Rain fall where there is no rain clouds (will probably make the sky a lot more cloudy, needs more balancing)
  • Fixed: Game crashing when opening the world map at the edge of the world
  • Fixed: Shadows dropping on water made the shaded water more transparent
  • Fixed: Mild peter panning artifact on dynamic shadows on the far sides of blocks
  • API Feature: *byType wildcards can now be prefixed with @ to be interpreted as a full-on regular expression (which is a rather expensive operation, not recommended to be used for thousands of blocks)

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