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Cozy Hotfix (v1.4.7.2)


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Version, a testing release, is now ready for download in the account manager.

This should hopefully be the first and last stable candidate. If nothing serious pops up, I will mark this version as the latest stable one. Thanks for testing everyone!

As for 1.4.8, you can already look forward to a very pretty new graphical effect that I've been teasing on twitter and discord chat! \o/

Game updates

  • Tweak: Dropped items now survive 5 minutes longer on the ground for a total of 10 minutes
  • Tweak: Several wood based blocks can now also be burned
  • Tweak: Female boars now seek players within a range of 6 instead of 20 blocks (quick fix, we'd like to make it's behavior more intelligent still)
  • Tweak: Maybe somewhat more understandable prospecting results from the propick?
  • Fixed: Game crashing when walking away while pouring hot metal
  • Fixed: Forge contents not visible
  • Fixed: Some issues with fire pit textures
  • Fixed: More Linux file naming issues, now all asset files are just systematically lower case
  • Fixed: Aiming rectangle when using bow/stone/spear not disappearing when dropping the item or upon dying
  • Fixed: Incorrect sound paths for male boar
  • Fixed: Yet another issue with blocks/items producing white cubic particles instead of their respective texture color
  • Fixed: Reduced multiple impact sounds of the spear
  • Fixed: Server now tries to spawn you on solid ground when creating a new world (i hope it does o.O)
  • Fixed: Required Mining tier naming on blocks
  • Fixed: Creative inventory search not searching the block/item names
  • Fixed: --addOrigin argument not working as intended [Mod API]

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