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MP server setup worldconfig file how too


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Trying to setup a MP server with specific worldconfig info, i see a list of commands you can run from the console, but in the serverconfig.json there is a worldconfig spot looks like you put commands or reference a file there?  if a file, how and where.. if commands how to enter them correctly.

example would be in increase the amount of ore in the game and or the player hp..


command would be

/worldconfig playerHealthPoints 30


for example.

but would like to load these when the server starts, vs typing them in after its up


or the following

/worldconfig surfaceCopperDeposits [0-5]


I see one for copper and tin, but not the others.  any help here would be great.. trying to set this up for a youtuber friend to host their videos on and let your discord group play on 


using this on a windows computer to host the mp server (dedicated system to do this)  


Thanks in advance for any help.   (i have the basic server ready to go have done this in the past, but not with specific settings for these)

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I suggest playing around with the settings. You may want to start up a multiplayer server, exit, start a single player server with the configuration you want, exit, and then copy the settings from the single player game over to the multiplayer server. Then start up the server and generate some new chunks. Might be the easiest way to get the settings you want.

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