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Shadows (v1.4.8)


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Realistic Vintarians
Version 1.4.8, a testing release, is now ready for download in the account manager.

My whole family, including me, was yet again struck down, this time by a pretty bad stomach flu, so this release is way behind of where I wanted it to be. Nonetheless it should be worthwhile your time due to the addition of shadow mapping, if you have a beefier graphics card.

Turning the shadow quality to very high might turn your machine into an egg cooker, but man, it's so worth it:



Game updates

  • Feature: Realistic Shadows 
    • Creatures and terrain now drops shadows onto the terrain/creatures, depending on the sun or moon position
    • Enable in the graphics settings but requires a beefy graphics card. Won't work on low-end computers, sorry!
  • Feature: Mod manager. A first basic version - let's you see which mods are loaded and enable/disable them
  • Feature: Vertical cave connections. When exploring caves, you might now encounter very long vertical connections between cave systems.
  • Tweak: Increased block light intensity
  • Tweak: Reduced spawn rates of some animals, tweaked some animation speeds
  • Tweak: Improved creative inventory search performance
  • Fixed: Typing 'B' while writing on a sign disables the block info and similar issues
  • Fixed: Gold and Silver deposits not read by pro pick and not adhering to the distributed ore system
  • Fixed: More fixes and tweaks to improve music player track diversity
  • Fixed: Game client crashing if it can't resolve web URLs
  • Fixed: Empty moon now looks less strange during dusk/dawn
  • Fixed: Pro pick on last use never giving a reading
  • API Updates
    • Feature: Can now hook into low level mouse and keyboard events on the client
    • Tweak: Improved API documentation in various places and some code cleanups
    • Fixed: Mod Lang files not loaded by the game
    • Fixed: Registering commands without privilege not executable

Game Account updates

  • Removed the birth date from the game account profiles. It's no longer require when signing up.


More Screenshots

Mod Manager

Vertical cave connections in my test bed (the black worms)

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