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Stabler tricky fixes patch (v1.13.2)


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Dear Seasonal Community
v1.13.2, a stable release, can now be downloaded through the account manager

Another small maintenance release \o/
The worst offender that warrants this release was a broken texture for snow covered grass for some players.

Screenshot and build by Arkan

Game updates

  • Tweak: Added /anvildebug command to print some debug information for finding an issue where work items would never finish with the helve hammer
  • Fixed: Players getting in range not re-appearing on the world map
  • Fixed: Rail block placing oddities and related crash (rails are a creative mode only block)
  • Fixed: Helve hammer not respecting gear ratio
  • Fixed: Unknown texture issue on snow covered grass and similar
  • Fixed: Barrel and firepit dialog displayed behind the minimap
  • Fixed: Snow layers were placed on top of iron fences
  • Fixed: Hoe did not play a breaking sound when its durability runs out

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