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The Road to the new player model


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Fellow Vintarians

We hope you all had a great Christmas celebration! Let me use this time to organize my thoughts and give you an update on the current state of development.

I've decided to take my time on this update instead of squeezing it into our usual 2 week release cycle. For one part because there's a big feature incoming and furthermore, on a rare occasions, Saraty and me took the holidays to play a game, which was "Don't starve together". What a punishing game :D

Anyhow, we hope the bulk of our "don't starve" addiction is now over and we can continue on VS again :P

Luke, Saraty and Ben were improving and animating our new player model while I was spending a lot of time working out all the kinks and quirks to make animation blending configurable and good looking. Only that allows a player to aim with a bow and walk/sneak/jump at the same time. I would love to make it even more feature rich, but for now I will probably focus on the ability to customize your characters looks. Just in recent days I decided to ditch the idea of MC style skin customization in favor of a more refined concept of ingame cloth pieces, I hope I can pull it off within a reasonable time frame. Wish me luck! :D

Saraty also overhauled all the tools to be actual 3D models and now just voxelized textures, which combined with the new player model, look pretty awesome if i may say so.

And finally, behind the scenes Ivan keeps building amazing stuff that makes me want to spend an entire month working solely on integrating structures and dungeons into worldgen! I'm super excited for when I can finally see them seamlessly integrated into our game.

Survey Time

In the essence of our constant strive to improve the game, I cordially invite you to help us make the best sandbox game we can by filling out a short survey. If you own a copy of Vintage Story, please fill in the Player Survey, for everyone else there is the Visitory Survey. Thanks!

Moving v1.4.8 to stable

Since I've heard no major bug reports on v1.4.8 I've now declared it stable. Pretty shadows for everyone! 

Version 1.4.9 Teaser Video

Happy new year everyone!

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The new player model is spot on!  With some fluid animation and clipping issues resolved this is going to be amazing!  Maybe have items unequiped or or marked invisible when sleeping though?  Any decisions made on what sort of layers we will have?  Will it be player skin with armour layer or will there be a clothing layer?  Will clothing be a thing in game for players and NPC's or is it all going to be skins?  I suppose clothing can use the armor layer though.  Will you stick to the helmet/cuirass/leggings/boots style?  Or will other peices be added?  (Pauldrons/gauntlets).

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