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A new face (v1.4.9 and v1.4.9.1 hotfix)


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Version 1.4.9/, a testing release, is now ready for download in the account manager.

Always makes me a little nervous to release a new version with so many changes, but here we go...

Welcome to Version 1.4.9 - a massive amount of time went into one single new feature - the new player model. We went quite overboard on this one. There's dozens of major and minor new features now working behind the scenes to give you a much better player avatar. Instead of one single walk animation there's now 30+ different animations for all kinds of activities that also dynamically blend together. 

One disclaimer though, animations have been one of the most difficult / work intensive features we've added so far, so there's bound to be glitches and unlucky situations where the animations will look wrong. We definitely want to still tweak the system to make it look just right.

Attention Linux/Mac Users: The location of the folder where your savegames are stored has changed, you might need to move the VintageStoryData folder manually to get back your saves.

For the upcoming version 1.5.0 I would like to improve some on the game play content, such as an ability to set the spawn point and have player skin customization ready to use.
I hope you like what you see! As for me, I already look forward to the next release!

Game updates on v1.4.9.1

  • Tweak: Improved tree recognition when chopping trees. Harvesting acacia trees should be more pleasant again.
  • Tweak: Axes no longer loose durability from broken leaves
  • Tweak: Chopping trees with an axe drops more sticks now
  • Tweak: Shears now loose durability from each broken leaves block, but also now have 5 times more durability.
  • Tweak: Increased durability for all metal tools, particularly copper ones (50-100% durability gain)
  • Fixed: Lowered player height so one can fit through 2 block high windows
  • Fixed: Vintage Story on mono not using appdata folder
  • Fixed: Knapping recipes now also drop tool heads
  • Fixed: Game Server sometimes pausing and no longer resuming, causing it to act like crashed

Game updates on v1.4.9

  • Feature: Complete overhaul of the player model
    • New model! New texture! 35+ new animations!
    • Seamless animations blending, i.e. can aim with a bow and walk, sneak or run at the same time!
    • Can now see what the player holds in his hands in 3rd person mode!
    • As always, all is configurable through json files for modders
  • Feature: New camera mode "Overhead". To see the new player model in all it's glory you can now use the Overhead camera to look at the player in all angles
  • Feature: Colored glass: 7 pretty variants of colored glass <3  (only for creative mode for now)
  • Feature: All tool recipes now produce tool heads instead of the full tool. Combine with a stick to get your complete tool
  • Feature: Complete overhaul of all tools models. Axes, Hammers, Hoes, Knifes, Pickaxes, Prospecting Picks, Saws, Shears, Shovels, Spears and Swords now look better than ever!
  • Feature: Straw dummy. Test your skills on a stationary, defenseless dummy :D
  • Feature: Wooden Club. Crude but effective tool for brute forcing your way out of sticky situations
  • Feature: Added all creatures to the creative inventory
  • Feature: Sleeping in beds to skip time. Straw beds let you skip 3.5 hours, wooden beds 4.5 hours and aged wooden beds 5 hours. Does not set the spawn point.
  • Feature: One new cute animation for piglets and one attack animation for roosters. Tweaked the animation speeds for other creatures. 
  • Feature/Fixed: Single Key Hotkeys now fire even with modifiers pressed. Result: Can now make screenshots while sneaking/running or change slots via keyboard keys 1-9 while running. 
  • Feature: Added clay forming recipe for 4x crucibles, 4 clay bowls, 4x flower pots and 2x ingot molds
  • Feature: Added knapping recipe for arrowheads. Tweaked existing knapping recipes
  • Feature: Ore blocks now drop themselves when mined all around, just like stone blocks do
  • Feature: Minimal intro dialog to redirect people to the wiki
  • Feature: The /stats command is now more informative, debug screen now shows avg. amount of draw calls per frame
  • Feature: Added Flint deposits near surface in rock types sandstone, shale, claystone, chalk
  • API Feature: More modding abilities!
    • Dropped the code obfuscation on the game content mod (VSGameContent.dll), this means modders have better access to the internal workings of the game content features
    • In addition, I moved about 15.000 lines of game content code out of the engine and into the game content mod or the api library. This migration also surfaced a few shortcomings in the mod api, which are now fixed!
    • Added a global event bus for mod/block communication (via api.Event.PushEvent)
  • Tweak: Loose flint blocks now drop 50% more flint
  • Tweak: Restyled most gui buttons to look like actual buttons
  • Tweak: Shears now multibreak leaves and branchy leaves together 
  • Tweak: Enabled sideways running again
  • Tweak: Enabled swimming up with the jump button again, but works better now
  • Tweak: Significant performance optimized certain situations when there is *a lot* of creatures in a small space
  • Tweak: Held item walk wobble now depends on the walk speed
  • Tweak: Improved limonite texture
  • Fixed: Glass blocks getting all white when looked at a very steep angle
  • Fixed: Domain casing issue when loading assets from other origins (mod api)
  • Fixed: More issue with spear/arrow hit detection
  • Fixed: Player shadow not visible in first person mode
  • Fixed: Added missing smithing recipe for pro pick
  • Fixed: Game crashing when breaking leaves with shears on near 0 durability
  • Fixed: Item dupe and more issues on falling block entities like tool and ingot molds
  • Fixed: Client and Server Temperature fall-off of filled ingot and tool molds no longer drift apart
  • Fixed: Game crashing if no blocks were loaded
  • Fixed: Planting seeds not updating stack size on the client
  • Fixed: A number of GPU memory leaks causing memory usage to increase notably when opening and closing many worlds without restarting
  • Fixed: Mod lang files not loaded if no domain prefix was used
  • Fixed: Game Server crashing on startup and not exiting properly when typing /stop in console >.<
  • Fixed: Game Server tick rate not at the targeted 40 TPS but at 35ish
  • Fixed: Overall scene too bright during daytime, causing snow to appear almost entirely white and sandstone sand almost entirely yellow.



New player model

2018-01-06_16-27-39.thumb.png.36492dce28d5288ded481ae3e1f8e171.png 2018-01-06_21-13-00.thumb.png.505fad6e3527ec8903579b36d77d5ecf.png 0-anvils.thumb.png.d743d82fc5e03996318dd33b88038113.png

Beating a Straw Dummy with a straw dummy

New glass blocks and flint deposits
2018-01-07_22-27-02.thumb.png.561132e4d5acd26e92690564f01e1da7.png 2018-01-07_22-28-19.thumb.png.8e1e43dd22face6637f572109074c661.png

New Grid crafting Recipes
5a560489d1aaa_woodenclub.png.c557e963116a821e237b381fcd539177.png 5a56048c222f1_haybed.png.6ee6566bf22c866031162015cf7840e2.png 5a5604919b921_strawdummy.png.1f509e038034c4ab249204c4b27971c9.png sword.png.df4f3fc9e134b5f4effd72026a9604ea.png axe.png.5ad0ece75678190a7ff9659d1ab2a571.png 5a56048af0421_flintarrow.png.0e849bd608c1e3d28ee458f8e865da4b.png hammer.png.57d2d21c8e5509554a04a9ac00e5320b.png hoe.png.957e7ce0a9c6c98c5c15daf437812d02.png knife.png.6923fc1cd7ec51dae0c0a8a48824faee.png pick.png.8ac11d981afe6747eb1b81291cb5eb55.png 5a56048f63ba9_propick.png.22d217e8e8c97e2e7d3ff883490e89fb.png saw.png.7c9bc1f7063be9030871fc828f186e20.png shovel.png.3be6bf2f7866ed1ac69ccb686a46e98d.png spear.png.f2283d7d1d554caf74f32893c19cd401.png

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