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Official GUI Based Mod Creating Tool

Cameron Textor

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Since mod creation in VS is based on somewhat coding with JSON files, and most people suck at coding, what vintage story needs for modders is an Official GUI Based Coding/ Programming Free Mod Creation Tool. The tool should heavily be like Mcreator which is for minecraft (except the vintage story tool should be official and made by the dev team behind vintage story) and should have as many if not more features than Mcreator.

The tool should have the ability to create any of the following (Without needing to do any coding) in a similar fashion to mcreator.
- New Blocks
- New Ores and Easily Configurable Ore Gen
- Block Bases for certain types of blocks (Such as stairs, slabs, fence, ingots, stackable blocks etc)
- New mechanical blocks
- New items
- New Item / Block recipes
- New Armor types
- New Food types
- New Fuel Types
- New Building Structures
- New sounds and Music
- New Tools
- New storage containers / Chests
- New Mobs / Animals
- New Plants
- New Tree types
- New Biomes
- New Liquids / Gases / Plasma's (Gases and Plasma's references have been found in VS Code)
- New Weather Patterns
- New Dimensions (If VS gets something like MC's nether, end etc)
- New GUI's

+ anymore that I can't think of that should be added onto the list, if you think of things i missed list them in your reply.

The Tool should have the ability to do the following

- Use drag and drop procedures like Mcreator does to replace having to do coding to make the logic etc of your mod.
- Make new textures with a MS paint like tool with built in texture templates of every block / item / mob texture used in Vintage Story.
- Create Ore packs that would generate everything associated with bringing a new ore into the game (ore block, ore itself, ingots of the ore, tools and armor made of the ore etc.)

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I find using mod tools easier than coding itself, I've never used mcreator but I've used to Kenshi modding tool and that has been the easiest modding experience I've ever had. it has it's limitations but if you know coding then you can bypass many if not all of those limitations but it is a very helpful tool for simple modding. when you launch Kenshi from your steam library you get a prompt if you want to launch the game or the editor and the editor has been super easy to use and very helpful.

something like that for vintage story would make a lot of what I'm trying to mod so much easier and with way less "stuck" situations.

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