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Explosive Staircase Hotfix (v1.5.0.1)


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Version, a stable release, is now ready for download in the account manager.

As some of you may have experienced by now, ore blasting bombs are a very useful tool that enables you to quickly mine large deposits. They were however practically harmless to the player, which was not intentional. This update makes them literally deadly if you are too careless.

Unlike in Minecraft however, an explosion will not hurt you if you take cover behind a blast resistant wall. So in case of ore blasting bombs either stand behind a 2 block thick rock wall, or a 1 block thick wall at a distance of 5 blocks and you should be save.

Game updates

  • Feature/Fixed: Explosions hardly hurting players. An ore blasting bomb explosion in the immediate vicinity (< 1.5 blocks) will now instantly kill the player. Explosion range and injury range are now separate. The ore blasting bomb now has an explosion range of 4 blocks and an injury range of 10 blocks. So from now on, when you go blast mining, you better take cover.
  • Tweak: Some descriptive texts for the clothes
  • Tweak: Game no longer crashes when the music and sound folders are deleted. 
  • Tweak: Hot metal in tool / ingot molds now cool down 3 times slower
  • Tweak: Wolf pups no longer drop anything
  • Tweak: Improved performance of large burning fires by disabling terrain collision tests for the fires smoke and spark particles
  • Tweak: /we blu now places all blocks that are also in the creative inventory. /we blu all places all existing blocks.
  • Tweak: Reduced surface copper and flint deposit occurrence by 25%. Reduced size of flint deposits by 25%.
  • Fixed: Other player name tags not adjusting to their sitting/sneaking height
  • Fixed: Distant players getting transparent and eventually fading out
  • Fixed: Exception thrown by worldedit when using world edit tools right after world reload without changing any settings
  • Fixed: Finally fixed the bug where the player wouldn't step on stairs 
  • Fixed: Animations broken on all baby animals
  • Fixed: Clay forming and flint knapping textures slightly off again
  • Fixed: The server default permissions did not allow players to build or use blocks
  • Fixed: Player screen shaking when another player got hurt


Since there's nothing new to show visually, here's 2 mildly interesting testing screenshots of a bombs ray cast and a large fire test O_O

2018-01-28_15-28-25.thumb.png.7144e1c74b6904d48f8ebdf160454f89.png 2018-01-28_20-20-39.thumb.png.c19daa6ceaa338c71c2c45bada6a8d14.png

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