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Copper nuggets will not melt

Kimberlee Dills

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Game version 1.13.4 running on Win10, full screen, single user.
I created the fire pit, created the crucible and fired it. Collected 800 units of copper nuggets, made charcoal.
Placed the Crucible in a cold fire pit to get the crucible GUI, added the 800 unites of copper, added the charcoal to the fire pit, lit the fire pit with a torch.
The temp gets all the way to 1300 and the copper nuggets are glowing and at the 1300 temp but the Crucible is not glowing and going to the fire pit output slot.
The copper nuggets are at 1300 temp but are not melting.
I did a search in the forum for copper not melting but could not find an answer
I backed up the game and ran repair no change.
Please tell me what I am doing wrong.

Thank you

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