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  1. Is the water sounds also could benefit from a slider like that...sometimes just having a block of water like a kitchen is enough to hear it constantly...drives me nuts or wolf sounds im at y30 at hear wolves howling from up top. Sounds for certain things shouldnt travel that far in Y section.
  2. Once the temp reaches it's melting point...the green arrow (very slowly and even more slowly with lots of units...10 minutes in RL+ it isnt short time...the green arrow will progressively fill up until the content is melted which then you'll be able to pour it.
  3. If he once did the serverspawnhere command in previous game... it will modify the future game he creates and mess up the value where he spawn. it's true for the X, Y and Z. I'd look at his serverconfig file.
  4. Immersion isnt updated atm with current game version but i agree that bear, polar bear, grizzly, deers and other animals could be added. I also loved to play with that mod and had their trophies hanging on my wall.
  5. Something like that been done in "immersion" ( different applications). Perhaps you could go look for code. + the mod had many texturing/graphic for debarked version.
  6. I love the ore, sun and moon and the glass!
  7. For me it worked.
  8. If you unlearn adrenaline, the window doesnt leave and remain there in top left corner (i cant close or move it with fixed and movable window).
  9. for 1.13 pre 4, i cant replace the gates and woodbridge like they were in my old world, i do not know if placement is now different
  10. I love the idea. I wanted a special hidden door made with bookshelves in my castle.
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