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  1. https://github.com/anegostudios/vssurvivalmod/tree/master/Systems/Rifts https://github.com/anegostudios/vssurvivalmod/blob/master/Systems/Rifts/RiftWeather.cs on 2nd link, im pretty sure, youd get that info with the client side updated pattern which is server wide everyone gets low or medium or apolyptic on MP.
  2. Hey @Rhonen, i know i asked in the past and you werent ready for it/wanted to do it but over past year+ ive heard this particular request from people using your mod from over 50ppl least in chat or question It'be very nice to have that one too as its essential to know how risky/dangerous or not it is to venture at night nearby the current active rifts. Rift Activity, just the text calm,low,medium,high,veryhigh,apocalyptic) would be a 100% welcome addition in the mod. To be honest i wish the basic UI of vanilla would show it, but doesnt and you have no way to tell without popping up env window from hitting C to see it. riftpatterns.json below as reference: { patterns: [ { code: "calm", chance: 0.4, mobSpawnMul: 0, durationHours: { avg: 15, var: 10 }, startTotalHours: 72 }, { code: "low", chance: 0.15, mobSpawnMul: 0.2, durationHours: { avg: 15, var: 10 }, startTotalHours: 72 }, { code: "medium", chance: 0.3, mobSpawnMul: 1, durationHours: { avg: 15, var: 10 }, startTotalHours: 0 }, { code: "high", chance: 0.15, mobSpawnMul: 1.5, durationHours: { avg: 9, var: 5}, startTotalHours: 72 }, { code: "veryhigh", chance: 0.05, mobSpawnMul: 2, durationHours: { avg: 7, var: 3}, startTotalHours: 480 }, { code: "apocalyptic", chance: 0.02, mobSpawnMul: 4, durationHours: { avg: 5, var: 2 }, startTotalHours: 720 } ] } In the end, totally your call with the time you wanna spend on it/or not but i know everyone would be mega thankful for this feature sir ----------------------- I got other ideas which would be gladly welcome but this one would be on top of everyone with wind % but i understand 100% if your only maintaining the mod for versions and not developping it. Hugs Aledark
  3. That is very nice! 5 stars has its usually big part of digging up for the info.
  4. Aledark

    What about 1.18?

    Looks like DaVinci glider inspired to me. https://free3d.com/3d-model/leonardo-da-vinci-flying-machine-6285.html Aint 100% sure as it was posted many many months ago in devlog but from my poor memory Talked/Speculated as a temporary or perm way to tone down or reverse a negative temporal stability area chunk into a positive one? Meaning, someone might be able to build a big base in a negative temp base area? If thats what it is for sure, in my mind, the perfect trailer for 1.18 and show the item feature, would be that @Arkan chisels a nice dwarven base almost at mantle level with bunch of lava and several of those spinny things allows the player to not be affected by the temp stability to establish home there.
  5. Summary of all warnings and errors since launch on new server (was 1.17.3/1.17.4). Errors-data-2022-10-06 20 22 31.csv Warnings-data-2022-10-06 20 21 32.csv
  6. Yea and wouldnt it be really nice if there was a way to have a bug report submitted directly from within the game/screenshot Additionally, on the bug report pop-up it would be helpful to have sections auto-fill Maybe create a bounty for someone to write you a solution for that?
  7. -Dejank quality improvements(vanilla) 0-Disable ability to crush ilmenite chunks to nuggets with a hammer and also modify the tooltip of chunks of ilmenite to take out : Crush with hammer to extract nuggets, just mention it needs to be pulverized for crushed ilmenite requiring pulverizer tier 4. nearly 80% of common mistakes using hammer to crush titanium chunks...I'd disable it to prevent heartbroken first timers. 1-Skinning animals/drifters should be faster with better knife tool tiers..doesnt make sense it's the same for a chert knife than it is for a steel knife or make it based on experience. How many i've killed and skinned of that X mob. Could be used for achievment/lore section at some point. 2-Make fuel impact the lenght of the burn duration in a forge/steel furnace(under) and bloomeries not just meeting min requirements would make fuel worth something by speeding up aka pit kilns, and same for underneath the carburization furnace. If charcoal is 20% underneath, could anthracite be 50% for example for 1 batch. 3-Round up the first carburization from 19 to 20% since all others are 20%...doesnt make sense. 4-Animal AI - Hyenas should hunt/kill antilopes(gazelles) and chickens and hares. 5-Better storage backpacks or satchels on belts/purse for seeds/rusty gears on player would make sense..Leatherback and or mining backpack in vanilla been the top picks since well before 1.11. So many new items since then. New backpack with more slots made of leather/metal plate and one huge pelt( looted from a bear). As time goes by more and more items were added to the game so higher tier backpack with 8 slots would be neat 6-Fact that you cant have shield+ weapon+light is moot point for using shield in many many situations. Yes i know you can spawn torches on the ground. Could we hook a lantern on a backpack with a 20% reduction to light radius and a small movement debuff instead? 7- Thrown rocks by drifters trigger too much knockback when your moving about or jumping mid air even with the damage with the best shield+steel plate armor the value is often 0.04 which is 5% of 1 hp. Could we have a knockback factor depending on diff tier between your armor+the tier of the monster and also having a cummulative counter for X ammount of time. I suppose if i get thrown 300 rocks by T0 drifter, yea they would pillage me to death and i'd be knock around but when it's just 1 single surface drifter...It becomes annoying really. I wouldnt mind if naked and all but when i'm all geared...high tier mobs should do it and or if i get thrown many many rocks but for 1-2 of them. 8- Poultices tweak more realistic: Make poultices heal instantly for 3.5 hp and 3.5hp over time. The healing over time ignores the healing effectiveness malus of armor and can be cumullated to a certain degree however if you get hit again you stop healing over time. Add a horsetail alternative in hotter regions(Certain ferns could be used easily). 9-Nutrition It should have more impact on gameplay besides the 2.5Hp bonus per whole nutrition bar. It requires quite a lot of investment and balance to do it + cooking time. Why not give out a base 1%+ speed boost for all classes per full nutrition(half a bar would give 0.5% speed upgrade etc.) so 5x half bars would grant 2.5% more speed while perfect nutrition would net you 5% speed and secondly add a factor that high nutrition in all domains would make you more hardy/strong by lowering the walk speed penalty of the armors. A hunter could potentially hit 115% move speed with the clockmaker and other classes 105% with no armor. An other option would be for you to deal small additional damage/handle knockback better. 10- Revised based settings survival should be on by default for allow chiseling/pro-pick. People ask for this constantly. 11-Sound Sounds/Music Tweaks and Features: 1- A new different sound slider for other entities (so for drifters, bees, wolves, pigs, chickens, sheeps, bears, locusts,etc.). Id rather have bees not in the ambient sounds type. 2- Please Toggle for sound to turn off armor constant swooshing sound as you walk around. I only tolerate gambeson,leather,etc...metalic armor gets on everyone's nerves. 3- Helvehammer toggle off for sound 3- Augment the sound attenuation of pit kilns and make them less noisy....especially when you do many of them 4- Add new music for temporal/change tempo base on % of Temporal Stability by bracket(currently starts at 75%)...add new ones or variations as it gets much lower, add music when underground as you arrive in a ruin/add combat music variations base on damage dealt and receive. 5- Add directional sounds to drifters stepping towards you(immediate 5-6 blocks around you and not more...if possible not thru walls)..higher the volume if it's walking from 3rd block to me than 6-9 blocks away if he comes from the right i should hear it from my right ear. 6- Environmental sounds based on biomes you're in such as cricket, different species of birds chirpping in morning, cicadas when its hot in summer, crows, raven, owls, squirrels, frogs, hawks, monkeys, water dripping in underground caves from staglatites.
  8. Going from memory on reading patch notes but i believe it was done in a minor patch that hot food does provide you with a small buff for x ammount of time(dont know the details)
  9. Hi @Deviator It took me a while to find out it was your mod hehe but finally figured it out today: in server-debug.txt with 1.16.5 and your mod ver SpecializedBags-10Slot_v0.4.1 29.4.2022 07:29:38 [VerboseDebug] Patch 35 in domain:patches/storagetypes.json: File game:itemtypes/resource/firewod.json not found 29.4.2022 07:29:38 [VerboseDebug] Patch 103 in domain:patches/storagetypes.json: File game:blocktypes/soil/bony-layerred.json not found 29.4.2022 07:29:38 [VerboseDebug] Patch 153 in domain:patches/storagetypes.json: File game:blocktypes/wood/shelve.json not found Small 3 typos in your storagetypes.json patch file causing those debug errors layerred to layered firewod to firewood shelve to shelf i believe see those lines in your patch of storagetypes.json of SpecializedBags-10Slot_v0.4.1: { "file": "game:blocktypes/soil/bony-layerred", "op": "add", "path": "/storageFlags", "value": 8193}, { "file": "game:itemtypes/resource/firewod", "op": "add", "path": "/storageFlags", "value": 4097}, { "file": "game:blocktypes/wood/shelve", "op": "add", "path": "/storageFlags", "value": 8193},
  10. ------------------------------- 2022-04-08 13:33:35,"BETransient exiting at 544911, 115, 499607 cannot find block attributes for tallgrass-eaten-free. Will stop transient timer" _________________ World gen still has has it generated new chunks in 1.16.4 or 1.16.5 rc1: 23.2.2022 21:08:37 [Notification] Tried to get block outside generating chunks! Set RuntimeEnv.DebugOutOfRangeBlockAccess to debug. 23.2.2022 21:08:41 [Notification] Tried to get block outside generating chunks! Set RuntimeEnv.DebugOutOfRangeBlockAccess to debug. 23.2.2022 21:08:41 [Notification] Tried to get block outside generating chunks! Set RuntimeEnv.DebugOutOfRangeBlockAccess to debug. problem is when i take a look at the debug it doesnt do an entry for it As you explore…easy to test with a wregen and you’ll see those appear as the world gets generated in a new world. Blocks reinforcements error still happened. 30 000! Errors and warnnings and failed conversion since 90 days to give you an idea… Bouncy block items https://github.com/anegostudios/VintageStory-Issues/issues/1844 ---------------------------------------- Scythes UI (F tool menu all have memory leaks) ____________ Entities phasing thru leaded glass panels blocks (see below) https://github.com/anegostudios/VintageStory-Issues/issues/1846 ___________________ /group info [groupname] doesn’t work -------------- /group list [groupname] doesn’t work for members of grp ------------ .serverinfo doesn’t work --------------- Cant adjust a claim with grow or shrink commands once it has been saved once. ------------------ Cant import schematics with multi-block/trees with attributes(crashes) -------------------- Northern trees don’t update their state properly ---------------- Can harvest fruits from trees from the base trunk even tho there shouldn’t be fruits there (tested with olive trees) ----------- Admin request: Possible to pull out with admin rights the id of unknown items (/debug printclr missing only says: x unknown Pull out which patches don’t meet requirements and weren’t applied Pull out all config / you can do in a world Show the information of the world you join as far as the settings are just like it’d on your SP world you created. Add email notification via modb follow as options to get notified Be mechanics error Btw if you put required stand for axles and mech then remove it you can have it free standing...but then you get : 23.3.2022 20:29:35 [Error] Exception thrown in RequiresStand, will log exception but silently ignore it 23.3.2022 20:29:35 [Error] System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object. at Vintagestory.GameContent.Mechanics.BEBehaviorMPAxle.RequiresStand(BlockPos pos, Vec3i vector) at Vintagestory.GameContent.Mechanics.BEBehaviorMPAxle.RequiresStand(BlockPos pos, Vec3i vector) 23.3.2022 20:29:35 [Error] Exception thrown in RequiresStand, will log exception but silently ignore it 23.3.2022 20:29:35 [Error] System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
  11. 2.4.2022 16:52:14 [Error] The dialog GuiDialogBlockEntityRecipeSelector requested focus, but was not added yet. Missing call to api.Gui.RegisterDialog() 2.4.2022 16:53:24 [Error] The dialog GuiDialogBlockEntityRecipeSelector requested focus, but was not added yet. Missing call to api.Gui.RegisterDialog() 2.4.2022 16:54:38 [Error] The dialog GuiDialogBlockEntityRecipeSelector requested focus, but was not added yet. Missing call to api.Gui.RegisterDialog() Knappping/Forging/Clayforming has that dialog error. 1.16.5rc1 client-main.txt no mods.
  12. Nod i remember suggesting a while back. Np man
  13. or like pallisades : https://www.google.com/imgres?imgurl=https%3A%2F%2Fi.imgur.com%2FHkY7kgp.jpg&imgrefurl=https%3A%2F%2Fforum.keenswh.com%2Fthreads%2Fpalisade.7321046%2F&tbnid=GSZiXjEcj33EGM&vet=12ahUKEwjB78W-1ND2AhWfsHIEHT5qCwoQMygcegUIARCHAg..i&docid=vqJMB6CeHeFO2M&w=701&h=472&q=medieval defensive palisade&hl=en&client=firefox-b-d&ved=2ahUKEwjB78W-1ND2AhWfsHIEHT5qCwoQMygcegUIARCHAg and oubliettes https://www.google.com/imgres?imgurl=https%3A%2F%2Fpreview.redd.it%2Fjm0cttkvpn181.jpg%3Fwidth%3D640%26crop%3Dsmart%26auto%3Dwebp%26s%3D8ba0cddba60182332d45d7e8760fcc009146a3f9&imgrefurl=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.reddit.com%2Fr%2FDamnthatsinteresting%2Fcomments%2Fr1m7tq%2Fthe_lower_dungeon_of_warwick_castle_its_an%2F&tbnid=VRS59ftWjwCZtM&vet=12ahUKEwigqa-U1ND2AhUxYzUKHax7DlAQMygDegQIARA3..i&docid=6icWdKI9kMnPpM&w=640&h=853&q=oubliette iron medieval concept&client=firefox-b-d&ved=2ahUKEwigqa-U1ND2AhUxYzUKHax7DlAQMygDegQIARA3
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