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  1. Most wanted small feature for future tweaks: recenter the map on yourself button.
  2. May i ask what are the speed modifiers on each of those?
  3. Thanks worked well on 1.14 Dauron
  4. /reply perhaps? or /r (message) to last person that whispered me
  5. Pulverizer works to crush chunks of ilmenite but not nuggets of ilmenite. The nuggets just dissapear
  6. @TyronHomesteading update would it include possibly mount?
  7. @ozBillowouldnt be too bad to do left and right side really. Id do it.
  8. Many roads we do have double wide, i think it be neat if you had a big version that be 2 block wide for the bridge.
  9. Nod i think its too cheap cause why would i repair TLs now ill gladly pay a plate to get any TL especially on a multiplayer server it would need to be like 12 temp gears really along iron plates (5) and 12 metal parts and id still go for that.
  10. Would be cool to have a "lift" with ropes and pulley to make en escalator with a counterweight perhaps maybe to have a platform raise instead of 80 ladders when we find a translocator A platform of 1, 2x2 would be cool i think also for some builds to add diversity from ladders and stone stairs. Just an idea!
  11. Can Rusty spikes hurt monsters/animals or just players? Ty!
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