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  1. I love the idea. I wanted a special hidden door made with bookshelves in my castle.
  2. Aledark

    Mrs Mom

  3. I'll try it out. Perhaps hit them with a special weapon that damages them but doesnt kill them too? Like a whip or some other kind to "tame" them...like getting a chicken to 25% hp with a good weapon might be hard and need to hit them with a stick? They have like what 3-4 hp?
  4. Pretty cool, thanks for sharing. I'll try it out! Idea make having a lure based on the type of animal you want increase chance of getting it? Just idea. Meat for wolf, grains for pigs and chickens, dry grass for sheep, honey or fruits for racoon then you can get them trapped with 50% hp perhaps?
  5. Hi everyone, Figured i'd do a small video. Sorry this is my first time i do that..sound and quality in somewhat not optimal But i thought a video might be better than screenshot to go around our current base to share with you all.
  6. Would be cool to have a "lift" with ropes and pulley to make en escalator with a counterweight perhaps maybe to have a platform raise instead of 80 ladders when we find a translocator A platform of 1, 2x2 would be cool i think also for some builds to add diversity from ladders and stone stairs. Just an idea!
  7. Can Rusty spikes hurt monsters/animals or just players? Ty!
  8. Ideas to diversify from using fence with wood : Pallisades: Example :
  9. Me and my cousin just love your mod. Are you thinking of adding the different draw bridges looks for brich acacia, bamboo, oak, maple, kapok, etc.? Would be awesome! Thanks again!
  10. Here's a bug i submitted via the github: https://github.com/TonyLiberatto/Immersion/issues/3 Crash on throwing spears
  11. Would be nice if holding right click and Q you could throw it further without walking, running or run + jump cause it kinda sucks to recover the item you wanted to discard because you moved 1 inch.
  12. Yea it would be very wanted in multiplayer with a setting of public waypoints and private waypoints.
  13. Can the waypoints i put on my map be shared with my friend and vice-versa. We only play together just the two of us for now. He made the server. Is there a way to do it? Thank you!
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