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Incrising the primitive era!


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In the last few days i have been playing The Sims 2: Castaway from PS2 and had some ideas for the game (Ps. This ideas was only ment to increase the primitive time).

The Sim's 2: Castaway based stuff

This section is related to things that should fit well in tropical climates.

  • Clothes maded from plants like palm leaf, jute, bark, vines, yucca etc...


(Icons from The sims 2: Castaway)

  • Primitive wooden stuffs maded from wooden brenches, shells (you can find them scattered around the beaches), bamboo, wooden logs, vines (if you are in a tropical climate) or yucca, hemp, natural fiber (in other climates).

Credits for the concept arts: http://www.sebastianhyde.com

  • Primitives ways to build wall’s and roofs (blocks) like this:


  • Some primitive usefull furnitures:

Improved fireplace rounded by stones. Have some advantages from the common fireplace:


(Made whit a common fireplace + stones of any kind)

Primitive Stove:

Better than an improved fireplace. (clay + stones + bamboo + jute fiber or yucca fiber)

Primitive flower pots:

(made of bamboo, bark, jute fiber or yucca fiber).

Other stuff from primitive era!

Shell axe (similar to flint axe, but easier to get and less durable):


Bone knife (similar to flint knife, but HARDER to get and MORE durable):


Primitive hide decoration:

(Put in walls or in the ground to make a floor or just for deco)

Pelt clothes:

They can give more advantages to the plants clothes.
Whit this the game could handle a temperature system, so when the player want’s to go in a cold region (like a mountain) he will need clothes that warm him, or when the winter comes depending where the player is (The Run For Survival :D).


Clam food (from clam shells):

Take the closed shell from the ground, put in your hand and right click. You have 100% chances to get an empty shell and 13% to get a clam for eating.

About shells:
The shells will spawn at any tipe of sand (like rocks in the ground) at the beach (near the ocean). When you click in one it will have a about 10% chance to get a large shell (to craft a shell axe), 40% to get a closed shell and 50% chance to get a empty shell (used to craft shell colars or other deco stuffs).


Primitive fishing net:


Used as an alternative to fishing rod if you don’t get a bait (made from stick and some jute fiber or yucca fiber). Furthermore you will be able to make a better net whit string’s. (it can be a block too)

About fishing whit rod’s:
You will need a rod made from sticks (primitive one) and a bait (insect’s dropped when breaking dirt [3% of chance whit hand and 10% whit a shovel]). Later in game you will be able to craft a better fishing rod if you find bamboo or have a saw.




Used to store a little amount of water, usefull if you dont have a clay pot.
(Made whit pelt and jute fiber or yucca fiber)

Primitive slingshot:

Alternative to spear because use stone as ammo and you don’t need to trow itself, but gives less damage.
Used to kill small animal such birds, rabbits, rats, ckickens...

Primitive backpack:

Store less items than a normal backpack, but is usefull.
(made from pelt and sticks)

Sorry if i made a english mistake, i'm brazillian :) .

If you have any other suggestion or opinion about primitive era fell free to comment!



wooden bed.png


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Nice ideas! Looking forward some of this stuff being adapted into game! More options for stone age tools (besides flint) have been on our list for quite a while already. Backpack idea is awesome, I should re-texture the current one for sure. :D
The involvement of bamboo stakes and wild vines could compliment the stone age really well too.

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