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Fruit trees

megan larive

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I’d really like some fruit trees, there could be some fun climate requirements like at the equator having oranges in higher moisture areas and pomegranates being in more arid  ones. Apples, pears and cherries in cooler climes with peaches and plums in temperate.  I like the idea of them dying/not blooming if it’s too cold like real life. I’d also really REALLY like to see fruit trees that only produce fruit ONCE A YEAR and the player would have to preserve as jams and applesauce or crystallized in sugar /make cider (non alcoholic if they’re worried about ratings)/ cyser like cider but brewed with honey and vinegar...... Vinegar has a lot of uses like in pickling but some traditional drinks are made with vinegar such as posca, oxymel or sekanjabin ( made from vinegar and honey), ‘shrubs’ (sugar water or honey + vinegar then boiled) there are lots of drink options that could impart an effect on the character from being a fruit servingj

it could make an interesting later game gardening mechanic to have to prepare for the bounty or lose the vast majority to rot. You could also build off the greenhouse concept into an orangery to expand the climate requirements a bit for fruits and require a skep to pollinate them.    The trees could also be very rare finds so the player would have to scour the world to find them making stumbling across some exciting and something to brag about. 

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