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Bay12 Server Road Project

Milo Christiansen

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On the Bay12 server one of the players (Shooer) found a really cool spot to build, and I moved in beside him. The only problem is this spot is at -650,-650...

After running the rather dangerous (Wolves!) route from Shooer's place to the spawn and back several times, I decided what the server really needed was a road.

Queue hours of digging and building.


This is my house. Clearly I have been working on other things :)

I was going to have screen shot of my quarry here, but I slipped, fell ~60-70 blocks, and encountered an interesting bug. More on that later.

Anyway, since I died, let's start at the other end of the road, near the spawn:


This is the very end of the road, you can see bits of various people's houses here.


This arch is here to hold that sign, may as well let people know where they are going :) Some joker added a cobweb, it looks kinda cool if it wasn't for the way it implied people rarely walk this way :/


Here is the last unpaved section, and the entry to the first tunnel (ramp down just before the hill). The unpaved area continues through the tunnel and most of the way to the first turn (~200 blocks from here).


honk, honk Get your ass out of the road!


Inside the third tunnel, looking twords the fourth. These two are really long, and are broken only by a bit of missing ceiling between two mountains.


This is actually the second bridge. The first one looks the same, but is shorter. On the far end of this one I have been experimenting with siderails, but I haven't gotten very far.


Panoramic shot (from beside Ultimah's house) showing the last stretch of road. The bridge is off to the right. A bit to the left of straight ahead is Shooer's house, and farther left is the retaining wall for my farm and my house. From here you can see the end of the road, a long stairway up to the top of the hill where all the houses are. I really should have taken some shots of the area around Shooer's house, it looks super awesome. Oh well, maybe later. (His house is on a pillar-like island sticking out of a small bay ringed with chalk cliffs)


Finally, a shot from the bottom of my quarry. All the stone used on the road came out of here, or one of the tunnels. This is where my first screen shot trip ended :P

Here I discovered that holding "sneak" does not prevent you from falling off a fence, that falling ~60-70 tiles kills you, that if you have the UI turned off you can't turn it back on after you die so you can't click "respawn", and last but not least exiting the client and reconnecting after you die resurrects you with 0 HP at the spot you died (I was then killed almost immediately by a drifter so I didn't have time to enjoy my resurrection :().

Link to the Bay12 thread, which has links to the full size images.

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