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Sawing Logs creates too much boards


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Sawing one log returns 12 boards. This works fine up to 5 logs which return 60 boards in total.

However, when I saw 6 logs, hold "shift" and saw them all at once, I get 64 + 12 = 76 boards when it should be 60 + 12 or 64 + 8 = 72 boards.

For 16 logs, which would be exactly 3 stacks with 64 boards, you still get 12 extra logs.


Here an overview:



It seems, the game calculates how many complete logs would fit in one stack (=60) and calculates the number of stacks to fill and the remaining boards (for 16 Logs: 3*60 + 12). Unfortunately, one complete stack is 64 and not 60.


Reproducible for all types of logs and all types of saws.

Reproducible in different worlds.

Game version: v1.13.4 on Windows 10

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