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Split logs for boards

Jaroslav Šváha

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I was watching a video the other day about a project in France, where people try to build a medieval castle using only 13th century tools and technology. Fascinating video, but what got my attention, was the person working the wood saying that people in 13th would only use a saw when absolutely necessary, because they were really expensive. Instead what they would do is split logs to get boards.

I think this could be a good way to get boards early in VS, when you need to make a bucket for example, while being slower and less efficient enough to make saw useful later on.
My idea of how it would work is this:
- combine a knife, hatchet and a log to create a wooden stake
- place logs to be split horizontally
- equip hatchet in main hand and stake in offhand
- hold RMB to split the log, producing 1 or 2 boards.

Here is a video of a dude splitting logs using nothing but a hatchet, wooden stakes and a rudimentary wooden hammer for reference.

EDIT: I am aware that he is using a hammer, but I think we can skip that and use the blunt end of an axe, right?


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