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  1. we have a temporal storm visual distortion, but not audio distortion! The audio distortion should start up when temporal storms start, making audio go 5 pitch to -5 pitch rapidly until the storm ends (in example, foot steps should distort from the storm, if you swing a weapon, it'll distort, and if you eat it'll distort. just to give a few example, making the fact temporal storms distort also be auditory. it'll be crazy and disorientating, just like some of the visuals [might] be. (i never played since i have no way to, also hope it ports to console once you get everything finalized for t
  2. *insert Circus Hop by YanKaGor (it's a goodly done song!)*
  3. they might after they get everything finalised
  4. for the game, you basically woke up without any memories, nor memories on the event i'll call the 'end of all of the world' which caused the temporal storms to start coming, but leaving you to rest while everyone else died from the creatures that came. and your character should be able to find photos floating in random locations, just like the masks in we happy few has it. maybe, the player might see a snippet of childhood or what you did before passing out while the rest of the world went to ruin. this might make it worth wile to go into a cave for the first time, or defeat your first drifter
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