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Autumn in Stellar's Jay


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As winter approaches during my first year in Vintage story, I thought it would be nice to record my progress so far (at about 100 hours). For the record, I am playing single-player vanilla with all default settings except for 30-day months. These pictures were taken around September, 1386. This is my first real Vintage Story world, while I have owned the game for several years and played a few worlds for a few hours each, I've never made it beyond the stone age until now.

This is my little homestead, Stellar's Jay.


Stellar's Jay sits in a little meadow not far from the spawn point. I initially chose this settlement because of a burial mound I discovered in my first few days. Sadly, no pictures of it's original state.


I've since uncovered the mound, but I'm still not sure what I want to do with it.


The roundhouse was my first major build, and everything else has been built around it. Just behind it, you can see my little cave home that I lived in for my first few weeks.


My windmill. Facing west, as that is the way the wind blows.


My chicken coop. The chickens are currently in their fourth generation. I've not a lot of grain, so they're probably going to go pretty hungry over winter!


Sheepfold, currently infested with drifters.



Tannery. I put a lot of barrels in, as I prefer to make my leather in large batches rather than a bit at a time.


To the south of the chicken coop is my farm, very much a work in progress. I've been expanding plot by plot as I get enough terra preta to do so. Currently it is enough to feed me, but I've built it with feeding animals in mind.


My apiary field with a reed patch.


I initially thought to use tables to act as fake beehive legs, but then hit upon microchiselling a proper base. Unfortunately I've not done much caving, so these are the only two pieces of aged planks I've found so far.


And finally, the map of the area. The road to the southwest leads to the nearest trader, and the one to the south is a work-in-progress road to a commodities trader and the limestone quarry.

Planned expansions are a woodshed to the west of the tannery, a helvehammer workshop north of the windmill, and possibly a boar pen east of the chicken coop.

Interior of the roundhouse will be in the next post.


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As mentioned, the roundhouse is the centre of my settlement, and there's quite a lot going on inside!

Edit: Links because forums do not like imgurs imbeds

The view from the door. Cosy!

To the right of the door is my cooking area. I wanted a proper stove so I used microblocks. The barrel collects all my honey and the blue tile is my ‘sink’ with my water source inside. Still trying to figure out a good design for a tap.

My smithing area. Everything I need to make my basic tools. I’m still trying to properly enter the bronze age. I have yet to find a sphalerite vein, all the bismuth bronze there is what I could get from panning. To the left is the staircase to the loft.

Hidden storage chests beneath the fake shelves for my to-be-fired clay and my glass.

Skipping over the stairs and cellar for the moment…

My little living area, with my bed and some of my favourite seashells. On my to do list is a display case and chiselling out the shelf in order to hide chests beneath to store the rest of my seashells, which are starting to pile up in my  storage area…

Storage area. Pretty simple, although I do have overflow storage in the loft above. The doors to the right lead to my little panning area, walled in for when temporal storms hit.

View of the door.

View of the loft. Not much up here, yet, except for bones, feathers and excess stone, but I wanted room to expand.

My root cellar. The pillars need to be changed to polished stone bricks, but for now it is functional. I have no idea how much food I would need for winter, but this is all I’ve managed to get. Meat and veggie stews are on the right, fruit porridge is on the left, and my jams are on the left. Most of the vessels and all of the barrels are empty.

And as a little bonus, here's my first little house, and a screenshot back from one of my first few nights.

Hope you enjoyed!

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