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  1. Personally, I voted for the Lovecraftian update, mostly for the main story event! Scrolls and clothing are not enough to satiate my extreme hunger for LOAR. Giant creatures and alchemy also see like new and unique additions to the game, and buffing ruins would also be great! Combat comes in at a close second, but objectively, it should probably be ranked higher than the lovecraftian update. Ironing out some of the issues with combat is probably best done before adding in giant creatures (assuming, of course, that they're things we are going to be fighting). Also, when I brought in my frie
  2. The sound design in this game is lovely, but I do have a few suggestions for more auditory additions to the game. Auditory Cues For Smelting: While the sound of the cooking pot rattling is a great way to tell when the meals are still cooking, there’s nothing for the other campfire recipes. An auditory cue for when metal is done smelting or clay is done firing would be great for multi-tasking. Molten metal could bubble or sizzle as it finishes melting, and clay could make a ceramic pinging noise as it’s ‘cooling’. In-Game Temporal Storm Warning: Have in-world warnings that temporal st
  3. I like this idea! Papyrus is already a plant in the game (although it appears to give the same items as cooper's reeds). I see ink and parchment as more of a permanent, non-editable option, though. It's hard to erase ink. It would be great for multiplayer servers, as a way to send letters and record events. Let's see, going to ramble for a bit here... For papyrus/parchment: From this site: "Papyrus sheets are made by arranging two layers of papyrus, one atop the other, at right angles. The layers are then pressed together, and the gum released by the breakdown of the plant's cellula
  4. There’s a lot to do in this game, and part of the complexity comes from proper time management. Quite often in this game I find myself writing things down, whether it’s future projects, the next day’s chores, or the goods a particular trader is looking for. While this works, I would love a way to do this in-game. Signs and charcoal exist, but they are stationary and require a lot of space for longer lists. I think there can be a better solution—something portable, that doesn’t require consuming precious charcoal. Wax tablets! Wax tablets are wooden tablets covered with a layer of wax, tha
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