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Few suggestions


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There is small list of things that I personally think needs to be changed:


- when you mine some type of stone you shold get automatically cobblestone but leave that you need to use clay for craft stone brick blocks.

Explanation:  When I mine all the time, these small stones fill my inventory and I soon run out of space for anything else. I think it should be changed that as soon as I mine any type of stone to automatically get a cobblestone block in the inventory. Because at the same time that for every stone block I have to use clay to craft cobblestone it becomes tedious and boring.

- stacks  for every type of block should be up to 64

Explanation: The fact that some blocks can only stack up to 16 blocks reduces the will to build some larger buildings because simply in the beginning the inventory is too small and the construction becomes a pain in a **.

Tiny bits should be a little bigger though because they are sometimes hard to spot when we break them.

-  The radius of collecting things from the floor should be larger.

Explanation: Due to the small radius of collecting things from the floor, it often happens to me that a lot of things remain on the floor.

- ores should be a little more visible underground.


REMARK:  This is what I think should change. So, my personal opinion.



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I actually like that you don't get the cobblestone. I personally find it immersive. I kind of wish they did that with dirt as well. I also like that you can get the whole block if you mine all the way around it.

That said. I think the stone stacks should larger OR there should be a separate storage for mining. I.E a mining backpack/bag. 


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