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Inventory Booster Rework

Omega Haxors

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I know that there's going to be a complete overhaul to the way the Inventory itself works, but I'd like to see a little bit of love for the boosters.

Right now there's four slots which you can fill up with whatever items you want. In practice, this is kind of clunky because it's both hard to balance and just doesn't feel right mechanically. Once you have a better booster you pretty much have to throw away the old one because they're not useful.

With a few tweaks however the system could be far more engaging, rewarding to progress through, and just all around fun.


The hand basket is the most interesting. It's a really crappy early-game item. It can only be held in the offhand or your inventory and has 8 slots. If you right click one in your inventory, you can place it on the ground and access its contents. When held in the offhand you will dig slower making it not very useful to keep on you at all times, but very convenient when you want to move items across inventories. This gives it a good use case even once you've made better solutions. This also solves the awkward 'there's one basket for your character and one basket for the world??' problem by just unifying them into one single item.

The hunter's backpack is an early game storage solution with a bit more weight. It goes on your back and thus does not slow you down. While it may have little slots, it will effectively double your capacity when you make it, and also lacks the downside of the hand baskets. It's not amazing, but it's nice to have, and will serve you well.

You can craft two sacks of any kind and toss them over each of your shoulders. You can also carry them in your offhand, though a penalty applies if you do this just like with the hand basket. They're another direct upgrade and will give you tons of space when you make them. Nice.

If you want to hold lots of arrows, the Quiver can go over one of your shoulders, giving you access to tons of arrows.

Backpack backpack. Backpack Backpack. I'm the backp- okay i'm not doing the Dora reference again. This luxurious leather backpack not only has lots of slots but also comes with some pockets, each of which can only hold a specific type of item. It's so large you'll find that you can't use it alongside your sacks, but it won't matter because you can attach them to the straps of the backpack, freeing up your shoulder for a quiver. Not only that, but you will also throw dignity to the wind and wear your Hunter's backpack on your belt like a fanny pack allowing you to use that as well.


In the start you'll make hand baskets, place them in your base when they get full and after you've killed some animals you will be able to make a hunter's backpack which will give you a good reliable inventory to compliment your more dynamic inventory. Once you've progressed enough you can then make two sacks, one normal and one ore bag, and put each of them over your shoulder. Later on you'll go hunting so you'll swap the ore bag out for a quiver and kill some wolves. Now that you have a ton of leather you craft the Backpack which gives you the ultimate inventory experience: Two sacks, tons of inventory space from the bag, a hunter's fanny pack and a hand basket in your offhand which you can use as dynamic slots. Every item is useful even in the late game and each storage method has its niche.

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