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Rustic Living Additions

Aidan McPherson

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I have only spent about 26 hours in this game at the time of writing, and I adore it. There is so much potential that I can't wait to see, and I figured I'd throw in my metaphorical hat and make some hopeful suggestions!

Immersion in this game is one of it's best points (in my opinion), so I'll start there!

Beasts and their Burden

  • I've seen so many suggestions of horses and mounts, which is all well and good, but what about the Ox? I think inventory management being gated by progress keeps people engaged and motivated to find the next best thing, so rather then just "more backpack upgrades", I suggest carts, wagons, and carriages for these new chonky bison beasts!
  • Carts and Beasts of burden can lead to much more thrilling "wild west"-esque expeditions, taking planning, sorting, animal feed, and supplies! It makes carrying tons of rock for that castle all the way from the mines a much easier task. You can (potentially) choose between horses, rams, or Ox to alter speed, offroad handling, and capacity! And most importantly- Cart construction, taming and harnessing Ox or Horses, and accessories can be expensive to build!

Immersive Foods

  • Not a new idea, I know. But more recipes (post cooking included) would be a welcome change!
    • Jams and Jellies being spreadable on toast!
    • Sugars/Maple syrups with Calories but no nutritional value.
    • Using fat as oils to render fried foods.
    • Honey/Maple Candies for quick cheap caloric boost!
  • Not to mention methods!
    • Small campfire grills could be easily constructed with a slightly modified metal plate recipe, and could grill multiple foods at a time!
    • Adobe Ovens could yield artisan breads, or simply be more fuel efficient/faster while maintaining a lower max temperature. 
    • Smoked Jerky could be treated after salting the meats for extra effective road rations (for those long Cart Expeditions!).
    • Mason Jar Preservation- Constructed from glass and a wax cork with all the benefits of fully sealed crocks, without the expended fats/wax!

Tools of the Trade

  • Tools and their durability have had a lot of suggestions too! many suggest sharpening or reforging to regain durability, but my focus is on the actual maximum number to begin with!
    • Sturdy Handles- No more random bush sticks jammed in your fancy axe! just a few planks of wood and some sawing yields you a Sturdy Handle for your tools! Made from tougher stuff and sure to boost your durability... by a bit. 
    • Ornate Handles- Made from much more expensive materials, taking the time to make such a commitment to your tool comes with it's benefits. Greatly Improved durability and a slight increase to damage with all that extra weight!
    • Bindings- Made from plant fiber, hide, linens, and leather (And rising in durability respectively) These lashings will help keep your tool-head on it's shaft where it belongs, and not thrown off over your shoulder mid swing.


I hope any of these were helpful, inspirational, or at the least entertaining to whoever reads!

Thank you!

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Adding a lot of food options should be done carefully, a lot of players tend to optimize to something they can craft efficiently and having a massive amount of options can be really overwhelming.  If it's done without complicating the ingredients (rather make it a 'better process -> better outcome' kind of thing) or otherwise presented in a way that makes it easy to grasp it would be nice.

More involved tool crafting sounds like fun

I also love the idea of more crafting stations / in general specialized tooling to optimize a particular activity. This really makes it mechanically worthwhile to invest in specialized work areas / buildings, makes workshops look much better aesthetically while remaining practical and makes specializing in multiplay more immersive.

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I don't know, I think just mass producing one kind of food feels against the grain of immersion, especially with required nutrient types. Just finding "the most efficient" slurry of nutrients feels lacking to me as well. My favorite part of cooking is seeing what meals I can make with what's on hand. 

I think keeping ingredients low but improving and expanding the uses and final products would feel satisfying to see just what you can set your table with.


Optimised specialized stations sounds fantastic though, and would give larger builds reason for extra rooms, breaking that minecraft trope of having all you need in one 7×7 room. Not to mention, I'd love to see more "bonuses" like the cellar and greenhouse! Certain rooms meeting criteria allows for unique spaces to be built with purpose! 

With temperature being added to the game, instead of just "near fire" itd be great to see rooms get temperature benefit from things like carpet and open mantles. 

Or certain requisites leading to a cozier bedroom, allowing longer sleep with less lost hunger.

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Pies for instance would be straightforward, immersive, and piggyback on existing features. 

Right click one dough (maybe standalone, bowl, or a new Pie Tin mold) to set the base of the pie, fill with a crockpot, and click another dough in top to make the crust! The pie can be a berry pie, a mince pie, a pot pie, whatever you can make a crock of. It can be baked and set out like cheese to take slices from, and gives those "efficiency" players a food with more nutrient types in one!

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I love the adobe oven idea! Cooking meals takes up so much firewood, a way to trade off the temperature for longer fuel time would be wonderful.

Plus the smoked jerky, we really do need proper traveling foods.

For the mason jars, maybe you would have to cook them (boil them, in other words) in order to properly seal them? That way you still have to do something to set the seal, and the seal will still break once you start taking meals from it.

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2 hours ago, peitum said:

For the mason jars, maybe you would have to cook them (boil them, in other words) in order to properly seal them? That way you still have to do something to set the seal, and the seal will still break once you start taking meals from it.

That would be lovely! It holds true to real world preserves and makes it still require resources to fully seal, making long term planning still take time. 

They would also make great decoration for people wanting to display milk and honey on their kitchen counters! It would be nice if you could eat/drink directly from them though, perhaps like multi-serving bowls.

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