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Animal behavior question


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I'll preface my question by saying that I'm completely new to modding, in that I'm still learning the basics of what code is and how it works. I can do really simple things, but for the most part, I don't know what's possible, or even what I don't know.

That being said.

In nature, most wild animals don't like it when you get too close to them, or surprise them, and especially with big animals, sometimes they flee, and sometimes they try to turn you into a thin red paste. So, looking at behaviors (while nerfing the heck out of wolves), and I'm seeing emotion states. My question is, would it be possible to make an emotion state for something like "too-d***-close", where there's a reasonable chance it triggers a "flee-entity", and a small chance that it triggers a melee attack? I think that would be two separate interactions, but I'm less clear on how the chances would play out. 

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