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On 11/8/2020 at 12:46 PM, AngryRob said:

Where did these gears come from? what are they made out of? why does fixing one location fix the other? did humans make them or did they find them? why are they broken? did they break over time or were they disabled on purpose? 

The temporal gears:

rusty gears seem to be broken temporal gears. therefore the gears are able to rust and the rust is of redish-brownish color, therefore i think most of it should be iron.

in working state they seem to glow slightly blue... like water absorbing radiation in a fission reactor... maybe everything is able to survive deadly doses of radiation in VS? I mean Seraphs seem to be able to hold things which are 1300+°C hot in their bare hands and the traders are able to barehandedly kill even an armored seraph with only a few hits... or the gears absorb radiation better than water and therefore no radiation leaves the gear?

the temporal gears seem to work fine for traders which seem more human than seraphs (player character) as they respawn similar like seraphs do, they keep their memories, but other than seraphs they don't respawn instantanously. And as they hold a grudge indefinitely i guess there may be some major unpleasantries to respawning for them.

The translocators:

fixing one location might fix the other location because there aren't really 2 devices, the translocator might behave like an einstein-rosen bridge.

they seem easy to fix therefore i'd suspect, they were disabled on purpose with the intend of possibly using them again.

With temporal gears working for humans and seraphs but seemingly better for the latter i'd guess seraphs brought the translocators and temporal tech with them somehow?
or they were only discovered and especially seraphs made use of them in big style and something woke up because of it? humans seem to not have used them and even forgotten about them since the fall.

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